The Best Vodka Bars in Chicago
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The Best Vodka Bars in Chicago

At some point in the last half-decade or so, vodka went from being everyone's go-to spirit to turning into the red-headed stepchild of the bartending world. These days, asking someone to point out the best vodka bar will likely yield blank stares or even questions about your sanity for not wanting whiskey.

But many places still make a killer Dirty Martini and sometimes you just want a simple vodka-soda. Sure, you can find any big-name brand on most back bars, but when you want a quality cocktail with top-shelf or small-batch vodka, there are certain Chicago bars to which you should most definitely turn.

Contributed by Ari Bendersky

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1.  Tiny Lounge

After having to close its original location due to a Brown Line 'L' expansion, Tiny Lounge settled into its new spot…
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2.  Sidetrack

It's not enough to claim the title of being the largest and one of the longest-running bars on Chicago's Boystown strip,…
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3.  The Bar at the Peninsula Chicago

Everything about the Peninsula Chicago, one of the world's top-rated hotels, gently whispers sophistication. When you're feeling like you need an…
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