The 23 Essential Chicago Bars: Summer 2017
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The 23 Essential Chicago Bars: Summer 2017

Chicago might just be the Second City of craft-cocktail dens. After all, it didn’t embrace the boom until the middle of the aughts. But, truth time, it’s always been a great city for bars. Period. From corner taverns and decades-old dives to molecular mixology lounges, the current breadth and diversity of the town’s drinking establishments is impressive as it is unpretentious. These 23 bars are the heartbeat of the city’s drinking culture.—Lauren Viera

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1.  The Aviary

A Rob Roy presented in a plastic pillow vacuum-sealed with lavender-scented air. An Old Fashioned encased in a hollow eggshell of…
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2.  The Barrelhouse Flat

Founded in 2011 by Violet Hour alum Stephen Cole, dual-level Barrelhouse Flat boasts an impressive menu of seldom-seen classics, organized from…
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3.  Big Star

Few bars have so much going for them: excellent tequila- and whiskey-based drinks, tacos worth the (sometimes very long) wait, an…
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