Discover Where You Can Find World Class Brands in San Diego
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Discover Where You Can Find World Class Brands in San Diego

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The USBG World Class Finals have ended in San Diego, but you can still get a taste of the competition. The following stores carry the spirits the finalists have been working with. Pick up a bottle to see what you can create with delicious World Class spirits.

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Avenue Liquor and Wine

1.  Avenue Liquor and Wine

The sandwich and snack selection is tough to beat at this Coronado mainstay. But it’s hard to argue with the seemingly…
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Central Liquor & Deli

2.  Central Liquor & Deli

It’s possible to pick up a bottle of Tanqueray gin when you’re steps from the water, thanks to this liquor store.…
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Cine Café

3.  Cine Café

It might seem like your average convenience store from the outside. But go inside, and you’ll find great sandwiches, an impeccable…
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City Liquor House

4.  City Liquor House

It’s one of the few liquor stores near Downtown that’s open late. But availability isn’t the only thing going for this…
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Country Wine & Spirits

5.  Country Wine & Spirits

Crown Royal whisky, Johnnie Walker scotch, Tanqueray gin and more are represented at this neighborhood favorite. Not a bad spirit collection…
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Del Mesa Food

6.  Del Mesa Food

There’s more than meets the eye at this quality liquor store. Just make sure you take a trip downstairs and browse…
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Grapes & Hops Deli

7.  Grapes & Hops Deli

Not every deli holds the quality of its spirits to the same high standard as its meat. But Grapes & Hops…
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Keg N Bottle

8.  Keg N Bottle

The name pretty much says it all. You can choose from more than 2,000 kegs, including a bunch from local craft…
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Krisp Beverages + Natural Foods

9.  Krisp Beverages + Natural Foods

This isn’t your average liquor store. It features an in-store butcher, ready-made meals from the deli and even a brand-new pizza…
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Liquor Mart and Deli

10.  Liquor Mart and Deli

This recently remodeled liquor store is a go-to for anyone looking for a bottle of Johnnie Walker scotch, Baileys Irish cream…
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Park Place Liquor & Deli

11.  Park Place Liquor & Deli

Want a California wrap with your Captain Morgan rum? Or a bottle of Tanqueray gin with your torta de jamón? Explore…
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RJ Liquor

12.  RJ Liquor

The walls of this neighborhood liquor store are lined with quality offerings from some of the best local craft breweries. And…
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Quik Corner

13.  Quik Corner

This local liquor store offers a stunning display and selection of Tanqueray gin, Crown Royal whisky and more. But you may…
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Stadium Market

14.  Stadium Market

Locals love this unassuming liquor store for the friendly service and impressive options of craft beers, wines and spirits. No need…
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Stump's Family Marketplace

15.  Stump's Family Marketplace

It has everything you could possibly want from a grocery store: fresh produce, high-quality meats and, most important, a wide selection…
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The Wine Bank

16.  The Wine Bank

This shop features a jaw-dropping selection of red, white and international wines, as well as weekly tastings where you can experience…
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Village Wine & Spirits

17.  Village Wine & Spirits

This gem in Encinitas has prices and options you’d expect from a major warehouse or grocery store. And you can browse…
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