Scotch Cocktails

While we love our scotch neat, on the rocks or with a bit of water, there's a wide range of classic cocktail recipes and modern riffs. Get a whole new appreciation for scotch by mixing some of these great scotch drinks.
25th Hour cocktail
25th Hour
Sweet Tea Smash
16 Whiskey Cocktails That Are Perfect for Summer
Cunningham cocktail
Prophet in Plain Clothes cocktail
Prophet in Plain Clothes
Mint Green Old Fashioned
Mint Green Old Fashioned
Sin Cyn cocktail
20 Scotch Cocktails to Try Today
The Bootstitch at Firestone & Robertson distillery in Fort Worth, Texas
5 Easy Whiskey Sour Twists to Make Right Now
A short rocks glass sits in the corner of a wooden windowsill, a window just out of frame behind it. The glass is filled with ice and a red-orange drink, and is garnished with four thin slices of apple and a plastic red and black key.
Big Red Sun
Witches’ Brew
The History and Secrets of the Rob Roy
Blood and Sand in a cocktail glass with an orange peel garnish
Blood & Sand
Rob Roy cocktail
Rob Roy
scotch and soda cocktail in a highball glass with ice
Scotch & Soda
Hot Toddy cocktail in a glass mug with lemon wheel and cloves
Hot Toddy
whiskey mac cocktail on the rocks, served on a wooden bar
Whisky Mac
Penicillin cocktail
Godfather cocktail
Set the New Year on Fire cocktail in a collins glass, garnished with a flaming lime shell
Set the New Year on Fire
A clear glass cocktail mug filled with light brown liquid and garnished with a lemon twist; a metal pitcher with flames coming from within it sits to the left of the mug.
Blue Blazer
A coupe rests on a round, lined surface against a solid black backdrop. The coupe is filled with a dark red cocktail, and a grapefruit peel is pinned to the rim with a miniature clothespin.
Drunk Uncle
South by Southwest
rusty nail cocktail served in a rocks glass over one large ice cube
Rusty Nail
A Collins glass filled with clear ice cubes and an amber-hued effervescent drink
Frank Caiafa’s Rob Roy
red-hued Modern cocktail in a coupe glass with a skewered cherry balanced on the rim
The Modern
An elegant, chunky coupe rests on a marble counter with a gray wall behind it. The glass is filled with a golden drink with a thick foam head. Six flakes of edible gold rest on the foam in a line.
Pot of Gold
A faceted cocktail coupe sits on a marble surface. A beam of light illuminates a golden beverage within, and a thin slice of lemon peel. The rest of the photo is in shadow.
Bobby Burns
A short, unadorned coupe stands on a wooden surface. The glass holds a crimson cocktail and a thin slice of orange.
Rusty Compass
Smoky Martini with a lemon twist served on a metal tray
Smoky Martini
red-colored Tart ’n' Sand cocktail in a coupe with an orange wheel, set in a sunbeam on a dark granite counter
Tart ’n’ Sand
Royal Balmoral Punch
Royal Balmoral Punch
A rocks glass with a stirred brown cocktail on a large ice cube garnished with lemon zest
Whisky in Church
A clear glass mug filled just over halfway with a deep amber-colored hot cocktail
Whisky Skin
Corpse Reviver 212
Sin Cyn cocktail
Sin Cyn
Big Red cocktail in a Collins glass over ice with two red-and-white straws, served next to a bottle of Budweiser
Big Red
A textured highball glass containing a golden effervescent cocktail garnished with a lime wedge
Mamie Taylor
One-Two Punch
One-Two Punch
Hudson Highland Cup
Hudson Highland Cup
A hexagonal rocks glass sits on a dramatically lit white surface. It’s filled with ice cubes and an amber drink.
The Bottom Line
Scotch Martinis to Try Now
Bee Sting
Bee Sting
Kiwi Bird
She’s No Gentleman Cocktail Recipe
She’s No Gentleman
A Boy Named Sue
dark brown Spanish Armada cocktail with curled, fanned-out orange peel garnish in Nick & Nora glass
Spanish Armada
Harvest Time cocktail
Harvest Time
Hebridean Shores
Whisky Contardo
My Golden Dram cocktail in a Champagne flute with a sugar cube at bottom and tiny bubbles floating upward, served on wooden surface
My Golden Dram
A thin cocktail glass with a knobbed stem rests on a wooden table. It’s filled with an amber drink, and behind it a mixing glass holds ice and more of the drink.
A rocks glass is photographer in tight, shallow focus. The drink within is carrot-orange over a few ice cubes, garnished with a dry carrot ring and flaky salt.
Carrot Thing
From Jura to Java
Long Zest
A beautifully etched cocktail glass holds a blood-red drink on a white backdrop.
Scottish Beats
Mama I'm Coming Home cocktail in a clear Irish coffee mug, garnished with a skewered piece of caramel candy
Mama, I’m Coming Home