Rye Whiskey Cocktails

With the rebirth of rye, there are more ways to mix this whiskey than ever. From the Sazerac to the Vieux Carré, check out some of the best rye whiskey drinks and start mixing.
Blinker cocktail
Saz with a Sting cocktail
Saz with a Sting
Black Manhattan
Black Manhattan
#4 With a Smile cocktail
#4 With a Smile
Porchlight 7&7 cocktail on a wooden bar top
Reimagining the 7&7
Kanar Sazerac
6 Sazerac Twists to Try Right Now
Perfect Manhattan cocktail
Perfect Manhattan
Brooklyn cocktail
Chit-Cha Toddy
Chit-Cha Toddy
Jagermeister Old Fashioned Cocktail
Jägermeister Old Fashioned
Great Pumpkin cocktail
Great Pumpkin
A Nick & Nora glass rests on a beige windowsill next to a potted plant. It’s filled with a golden cocktail, and a cherry rests at the bottom of the glass.
Large-Format Red Hook
9 Easy 3-Ingredient Drinks to Make at Home
A stemmed Collins glass holds a golden yellow sparkling drink over ice cubes. It sits on a wooden bar, and is garnished with a lime wedge.
Porchlight 7&7
Hands express orange peel oils over the top of the Longshoreman cocktail
a la louisiane cocktail with cherry garnish served in a coupe glass on an ornate round metal coaster
A La Louisiane
waldorf cocktail in a coupe decorated with etched designs, served on a blue-gray surface
The Spice Is Right
Trinidad Sour
Trinidad Sour
A petite, elegant cocktail glass holds a dark red drink with a cherry at the bottom, its stem breaking the surface. The background is a dark blue tablecloth.
Remember the Maine
sazerac cocktail in a crystal-cut glass with a lemon peel garnish
old pal cocktail with a lemon twist and blue background
Old Pal
Scofflaw cocktail
Monte Carlo cocktail in a rocks glass over one large ice cube, served on a white napkin
Monte Carlo
red-hued Hot Blooded cocktail in a coupe glass, garnished with heart-shaped orange peels and lime peels on a skewer
Hot Blooded
New York Sour cocktail in a rocks glass on a sunny countertop
New York Sour
Greenpoint cocktail in a coupe with lemon peel garnish
boulevardier cocktail over one large ice cube and with an orange peel garnish
ginger ale highball cocktail with ice, served against a dark backdrop
Ginger Ale Highball
Red Hook cocktail
20 Rye Whiskey Cocktails to Try Right Now
A Collins glass filled with clear ice cubes and an amber-hued effervescent drink
White Summer Sazerac
Toronto cocktail
Horse's Neck cocktail
Horse’s Neck
A long-stemmed coupe with a short flat bowl holds a bright orange cocktail. The drink is garnished with two dark cherries on a metal pick. The background and floor are both gray marble.
Ward Eight
Boilermaker cocktail with half-full beer next to a whiskey shot
Kylo Rye
Manhattan cocktail
Stone Fence cocktail in a collins glass with a mint sprig garnish, set beside an apple and cinnamon sticks
Stone Fence
Here Comes the Sun Cocktail
Here Comes the Sun
Red Hook cocktail in a cocktail glass with a skewered cherry balanced on the rim
Red Hook
A short rocks glass with thin walls holds a vivid red-orange cocktail over a large, clear ice cube. A thin slice of orange peel is the only garnish, and the background of the photo is indistinct and hazy.
Northern Harvest Buck in a highball glass, garnished with a mint sprig and lemon wheel
Northern Harvest Buck
Another Fine Mes
Another Fine Mes
Tootsie Roll cocktail in a coupe, with a skewered cherry garnish balanced on the rim
Tootsie Roll
A bright yellow shaken cocktail served in a short coupe glass with a dramatic beveled stem; the drink is placed on a white marble surface with a dark, shadowy background
Monte Cassino
Crimson King
A faceted rocks glass rests on a polished concrete surface. The glass holds ice cubes and a golden yellow drink topped with white foam and some chunks of apples.
Summer Rye
Black-Eyed Rye cocktail in a Highball glass, garnished with mint leaves and three skewered blackberries
Black-Eyed Rye
A pint glass sits on a table against a brick wall, with slices of beef jerky around it. The glass is rimmed with dry rub and garnished with a strip of jerky. The drink is a pale yellow.
Rub & Rye
Malena cocktail
McKInley's Delight cocktail in a stemmed cocktail glass on a dark gray granite surface
McKinley’s Delight
A Martini glass with a tapered lip rests on a black surface against a black background. The drink within is bright orange-red and garnished with an orange peel.
Jane Russell cocktail in a cocktail glass, garnished with an orange peel balanced on the rim
Jane Russell
1792 Kentucky White Dog Julep
1792 Kentucky White Dog Julep
With dramatic lighting casting dark shadows on a brilliantly lit white background, two detailed rocks glasses hold ice, a slice of lemon, and a vivid orange punch.
Canadian Punch
Coin-Operated Boy
Brown & Orange cocktail in a rocks glass with clear ice cube
Brown & Orange
La Valencia cocktail
La Valencia
A tall, narrow rocks glass holds some ice cubes and an orange-hued drink. A long, angular piece of lemon peel garnishes the drink, and the whole thing is set against white marble.