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101 Old Fashioned

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The Old Fashioned has been delighting drinkers for more than 200 years, and its formula hasn’t really changed over the centuries. It’s still a mouthwatering trinity of whiskey, sugar and bitters. Some argue that it’s the first recorded cocktail recipe, dating back to the dawn of the 19th century. It would certainly make the name appropriate.

But you’re looking for a cocktail recipe, not a history lesson. Start by using a whiskey you enjoy sipping neat or on the rocks; the Old Fashioned isn’t the kind of cocktail that masks the flavor of the spirit. Wild Turkey 101 is an excellent choice for its higher proof and rye content. All you need to finish it off is some simple syrup, bitters and an orange peel.


  • 2 oz Wild Turkey 101 bourbon
  • 1/4 oz Simple syrup
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • Garnish: Orange peel


  1. Add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and stir.

  2. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass over fresh ice.

  3. Express the oil of an orange peel over glass and garnish with the peel.