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Warm in the Winter

warm in the winter cocktail

Jane Danger

This completely vegan cocktail by bartending pro Jane Danger takes Tiki to a dramatic level.



  1. Whip the gin, aquavit, Laura’s mix, juices, syrup, tincture and bitters, pour into a metal nautilus shell (or similarly shaped vessel), top with crushed ice, and garnish with 6 orchids, 6 pineapple fronds, 3 cheetah-print (or plain) straws and a flaming lime shell.

  2. *Laura's mix: Combine 1 oz of banana liqueur, 1 oz of dry curaçao and 2 oz of cinnamon syrup.

  3. **Flaming lime shell: Scoop out half a lime (or use what’s left after juicing), then add a splash of overproof rum and light the flame when serving.