The Treasure Margarita

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The Treasure Margarita

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  • mase posted 5 years ago

    Hey can I get a more specific ingredient of this margarita....wat brand Orange liquor? Wat brand home made margarita mix? Please help me out and thank you..can't wait to mix this I heard its one of the best.

  • Charlie Oat posted 5 years ago

    Ok, first youcall it a Margarita? Then there is no lime juice!!??!, then you call margarita mix sugar and water??!!Did you drink a whole bottle of El Tesoro before you wrote this? Sugar and water is simple syrup...I would be happy to write a fact based, historically correct review of any product for your great web magazine. and I'll drink the product after I write the article:)))

  • Duane posted 5 years ago

    That seems disgustingly sweet.

  • Patrick Bolster posted 5 years ago

    For the homemade margarita mix, how much lime/lemon juice?

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