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Singapore Raffles Sling

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  • Stephen Taylor posted 4 years ago

    So this is my most hated drink to make! Only because for years I've been chasing "THE" recipe to find nothing tasty!
    So many recipes combining pineapple and acidity, for me a big NO NO!
    Then the idea of equal parts everything just drowns out the gin and leaves a cherry soda-ish flat line experience!
    And then the over complicated several spirits or rum recipes!
    Everyone should give up on this drink! From what I have experienced, so many clients are NOT asking for this drink! Apparently even raffles stopped serving this drink for a while!
    Maybe they were known for serving a terrible signature cocktail!

    Not the first or last!

  • John Graham-taylor posted 6 years ago

    To answer the question, the very first copies of Ngim Tong Boon's original recipe are as follows, I sourced this from the Bar manager of the long Bar at Raffles himself:

    1.25 oz Gin (Hendricks works really well but Beefeater london dry gin was the original)
    .25 oz Benedictine
    .25 oz Cherry Heering
    .25 Cointreau
    1 dash Angastura Bitters
    .25 oz Grenadine
    1 oz fresh Pineapple Juice

    Mix all ingredients in a boston shaker with ice, sling the shaker over your shoulder once and then back down in one motion (hence the name sling and not shake!)
    Pour into a highball or sling glass garnish with pineapple slice, cherry and orange zest.
    It is one of the best Tiki drinks out there when made properly and is well deserved of its place in cocktail history

  • editor posted 6 years ago

    Darko, as you know, variations abound when it comes to classic recipes. Our recipe is based on the one in Charles H. Baker's 1939 The Gentleman's Companion. It does not call for either lime juice or bitters. What's the source of your recipe?

  • darko posted 6 years ago

    Awful--you guys should know better than this.

    The proper recipe calls for equal parts gin, lime juice, benedictine, and cherry heering, and most importantly, Angostora bitters.

    Between this and the lame MaiTai recipe you are losing all credibility.

  • Kevin N posted 6 years ago


    Any plans on when The London Nº 1 will be available in the United States?


  • uve posted 6 years ago

    Interesting cocktail. :)
    I'll give it a try and maybe mix it with The London Nº1 to see how it blends.
    Please feel welcome to visit to learn more about this unique Premium Gin, made with 12 botanicals from around the globe and it's unique blue colour.
    Love your blog and fan page.

    See you in twitter

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