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Shrub Julep

Shrub Julep

 Casey Elsass

The beautiful thing about shrubs is that there are only two rules: something sweet and something acidic. Typically some variety of sugar does the heavy lifting, but here maple syrup offers a perfect hit of character and complexity. And although the beets maybe seem like an odd or unnecessary addition, they actually keep the sweetness in check with a welcome earthiness, and the shrub makes a fantastic mixer in this riff on a Mint Julep.



  1. Muddle the mint sprig in a Julep cup or a rocks glass.

  2. Add the maple beet shrub, bourbon and a small scoop of crushed ice and stir.

  3. Top with more crushed ice to fill the glass.

  4. Garnish with a mint sprig.

  5. Serve with a straw.