Sandeman Ciderhouse Sangria

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Sandeman Ciderhouse Sangria

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  • chadhester posted 1 year ago

    @tommycover.84d3: I believe so, yes. Since the bottles are roughly 24oz, I would just match the measure of apple cider 1:1.

    I split this recipe in half for my wife and I, since I didn't want to use a full bottle of port. Here was my recipe with a slight modification:

    Slice and core a pear and granny smith apple, then add the slices to a pitcher. Add 12oz port; 10oz apple cider; 2oz pomegranate juice; 1.5oz rye whiskey; and 0.75oz maple syrup. Stir gently for 1-2min. Make sure most of the fruit is submerged. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours. Serve in a wine glass or goblet with a pear and apple slice.

    Exchanging 2oz of apple cider with pom juice was a nice twist, IMO. Even this halved recipe has ~4-6 servings in it.


  • tommycover.84d3 posted 2 years ago

    How much port? One bottle?

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