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Port Royal Punch - Rum Cocktail

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  • parkayjhotmailcom38278716 posted 10 months ago

    If you assume a fifth on the spice rum which is 29.5oz then I'd say 62 Oz of pineapple juice. This will keep the ratio of alcohol to mixer at 1.5/5. And it'll create about 130 Oz. Which is about 25 or 26 servings. Taste test it first but this should taste pretty close to right.

  • dramaqueen1217yahoocom51785881 posted 11 months ago

    I have the same questions as posted regarding the bottle size of the captain morgan spiced rum and amount of pineapple juice... Were these questions ever answered?

  • DebeyPenguin posted 1 year ago

    This sounds yummy, but I can't make it without knowing the bottle size of the rum and how much pineapple juice to add... ???

  • Tracy Haight posted 2 years ago

    how big of a bottle of captain morgans spiced rum?

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