Patrón Perfect Cosmo

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Patron Perfect Cosmo - Tequila Cocktail

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  • Charlie Oat posted 5 years ago

    " Patron, A Classy Tequila Creating New Classic Cocktails" That will never be your by line if you keep Co-Opting names of classic drinks to promote your product. Your marketing department needs a shake up and a wake up. Example:" Bartender, i'll have a Manhattan, but use tequila." Tequila!?!, howled the bartender, "that's not a Manhattan." " I know'," replied the customer, " but i love the word Manhattan." " Bartender, I'll have a Jack and Coke, but use baccardi Rum." "Baccardi?!, says the bartender in disbelief. "Look bartender I like the sound of JAck and Coke so make the damn drink. What do you think you are , a professional?" " Yes I am", repliied the bartender."and you won't be drinking here!"
    i won't be drinking here either. i have been enjoying Patron(and other tequilas beofre its introduction) and cranberry. It is not a Patron cape Cod! It is called Cape Fear. I have created a drink that combines the elements of a Margarita and Mohito. It is not Patron Mohito. That is assinie.Name /create your own mixology history. Respect the craft and respect yourself.
    One more time:" PATRON, A Classy Tequila Creating New Classic Cocktails."

  • amber posted 6 years ago

    love cosmos

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