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Hwayo Negroni

hwayo negroni cocktail

Ryan Te

This riff on the Negroni by bartender Ryan Te is made with jasmine-infused soju, Korea’s white spirit usually distilled from rice or sweet potatoes.



  1. Stir all ingredients with ice, strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice, and garnish with an orange peel.

  2. *Jasmine Hwayo: Pour 1 cup of hot water over 8 grams of jasmine tea leaves.

  3. After five minutes, discard the tea, reserving the “washed” tea leaves.

  4. Steep the tea leaves in 1 cup of Hwayo Soju 41 for 25 minutes, fine-strain, and discard the leaves.

  5. Strain a second time through cheesecloth to catch any remaining particles.

  6. Makes enough jasmine-infused soju for several drinks.