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  • posted 1 year ago

    I just did Hendrick's Gin, Aperol, Cynar, and I always make my own gomme syrup on the spot by blending food grade Gum Arabic with sugar syrup (even works with sugarfree Torani syrup, nice for borderline diabetics like myself.) It IS tricky to do a tiny amount of gomme syrup, but I mixed it first, put it in the bottom of the shaker, added the other ingredients except for ice, stirred it up, THEN put in ice for the shaking. Worked very well. I have to admit I eyeballed it to 1/8 of the ounce measure, but it worked very well so I call that a win.

  • johnniepop posted 1 year ago

    Leaving aside the obscure and pretentious ingredients (that is a clear envy, for I'll never find those around), I really, really, really want to see how exactly 0.13 fluid ounces of a highly viscose and sticky fluid the dissolves quite hard, are being measured. Please!
    And don't say a bar spoon, because you already had that chance but missed it.
    So please, exactly 0.13 oz of gum syrup?

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