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A classic mojito in a frosted glass. A classic Mojito.

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  • sarg9817 posted 2 years ago

    recipe for simple syrup

  • johnniepop posted 2 years ago

    Yep, that's the first time I see a shaken Mojito too. But there are many little "deviations" around. For example I've seen a recipe that calls for a dash of Angostura. Not that it's bad, but how much can be a recipe stretched before you get a different cocktail?

  • bobbyyrngmailcom1139845560 posted 2 years ago

    I'd argue that a mojito should never be shaken. It turns the leaves into something resembling lawn clippings that you'll be spitting out with every sip.

  • Shannon @ TheDrinkBuzz posted 5 years ago

    There is nothing like a Mojito on a hot summer day. This is my favorite drink :)

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