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  • rdptejas posted 2 years ago

    For every Mexican, there is a Michelada recipe.... for this Hombre, I need everything you cited above plus a good dose of Clamato and a shot of Plata Tequilla... preferably Herradura, Don Julio or even Hornitos since it has a spicy / salty finish.

  • Michaelclick posted 2 years ago

    This goes well with Texas Barbecue (and sides), particularly if you add a couple of shakes of 'instant smoke' along with the hot and 'wooster' sauces. There is no mention of using ice in this drink. All the ingredients need to be well chilled of course.
    The 'hours' listing for this drink I found interesting, as this is regarded as a 'hangover-cure' type drink.

  • Michaelclick posted 2 years ago

    This is a Mexican Bloody Mary (also known as the 'Chelada'). Some recipes recommend making these up by the pitcher. Only do that if there are a lot of people drinking this or the people are really thirsty. Otherwise the carbonation is going to waste.

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