Margaritas by the Pitcher

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Margaritas by the Pitcher - Tequila Cocktail

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  • lvogt posted 2 months ago

    My alternative for a pitcher of margaritas is so easy and so good
    2 cups quality blanco
    1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
    1/2 cup agave nectar
    salted rim and crushed ice

  • pouringpro posted 1 year ago

    Two comments for Goblue. Dale was following a pretty near classic Margarita recipe going back to Margarita Samms. What is a real Margarita? There are certainly 100's of drinks that use the classic "Margarita" recipe as a base to feed today's Margarita drinking frenzy across the world. Perhaps your brand of tequila was bit fiery. Here is a recipe that may suit your party.
    CT Sunshine- A Batch Cocktail meant for everyone at the party and to be enjoyed in all ways, Shaken and Strained, On the Rocks, Blended Or Bombed.
    (You may vary the tartness with more fresh lime juice. )

    •750 ml of your choice of a nice 100 %
    Agave Silver/Plata Tequila
    •1/2 oz Grand Marnier liqueur
    •1 liter of a lemon, lime juice and
    Cointreau(or Triple Sec)mixture
    (you may use 1 Liter of Master of Mixers margarita mix. I do regularly for consistency and ease of prep.
    Or For Organic I tried 1 Liter,Tres Agaves ( add 10-12 oz. Cointreau not in their recipe, but it has a great flavor profile.)
    •2-3 tbsp organic agave nectar
    •3 tbsp organic orange marmalade
    •20 drops of bitters
    •5-6 oz orange mango juice
    •6-8 fresh basil leaves

    1.Muddle bitters, agave nectar, orange marmalade and a hint of Grand Marnier
    and fresh basil leaves.

    2. Add lemon, lime juice and Triple Sec mixture, along
    with the orange and mango juices.

    3. Add equal amount of Tequila. Just throw in the 5th.

    4. Shake and chill overnight.

    5. Serve on the rocks, or with a splash
    of champagne to go Mimosa Style.

    6. Or Shake over ice and strain into a
    pre-chilled cocktail glass..

    7. As a Blended drink it is awesome. Called the CT CHILL
    8. For the adventurous, this recipe, blended, is one of my newest Ice Cream Bombs.
    Pour into shot glasses and bomb your favorite IPA
    This is the signature drink of the #Connecticutschoolofbartending

  • Goblue posted 3 years ago

    Worst recipe ever. This was like drinking kerosine. I had to toss it. I followed the recipe twice to be sure and both times I could have spit fire. I was better off using another recipe for one Margarita and then dumping into a pitcher for a party. Way too much liquor in this recipe and it takes the taste away from a real Margarita.

  • Ali in the Valley posted 6 years ago

    Love Margaritas! I have a great recipe on my website!
    You're making me want a ice cold Margarita now!
    Ali in the Valley

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