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Maple Old-Fashioned - Rum Cocktail

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  • gary ludwig posted 8 months ago

    I'm Canadian and 50 years ago we drank a 'MAPLE LEAF COCKTAIL" It was 2 oz or 3 fingers of C.C. or Crown Royal or any other premium whiskey with 1 oz of dark maple syrup , (It't premium when dark) stirred into the whiskey with ice. awesome!! but be careful, the little Bugger will slip up on you.

  • coldasice59.afabf0 posted 2 years ago

    So why not just use Crown Royal maple for a Standard Maple Old Fashioned or Jim Beam Maple for a Bourbon Maple Old Fashioned? Makes more sense - don't you think?

  • Aaronjw posted 3 years ago

    If I'm not mistaken, you'll need to shake it to get the maple syrup thoroughly mixed in. Stirring works with "thinner" liquids (spirits, light mixers, etc), but with thicker ingredients, such as fruit juices, and definitely a syrup as thick as maple syrup, you'll need to shake it.

  • Andrew posted 4 years ago

    The great thing about an Old Fashioned is that you can use any base spirit and make it work beautifully. My one question about this recipe (which sounds delicious) is why you'd shake instead of stir? Even in the photo, it looks like a stirred drink.

  • Chris posted 4 years ago

    This is NOT a Maple Old Fashioned. Old Fashioneds are made with either Bourbon or Whiskey.

  • Ben Riddell posted 5 years ago

    Grade B Maple syrup - cheaper and more flavorful. If you've got a spiced up dark rum (like Kraken), use a less hearty syrup...

  • therumtrader posted 5 years ago

    I made this drink with Ron Rancado Black and some real Vermont maple syrup. I enjoyed the balance of sweet maple and the Angostura bitter. My wife said it reminded her of iced tea. Good stuff.

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