Long Island Iced Tea

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Long Island Iced Tea

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  • lfgranessauereisencom433290703 posted 4 months ago

    At home, when I make this cocktail for my friends I do it this way:
    Gin, Rum, Tequila & Vodka, Sweet & Sour & Triple Sec, a Tea Spoon of Lemon Juice a Splash of Coke (It has to be Coke, not Pepsi), and I garnished with a Lemon Wedge and a Cherry.
    In a long Glass, add ice, them the alcohol, them the S&S and the Triple Sec, the lemon juice and the splash of coke, use a spoon to stir it and voila, let's the fun begin...... For the girls, I add a tea spoon of the cherry juice, for more sweet flavor.

  • flyingnun61.44c9 posted 6 months ago

    Went on a P&O cruise Sydney to New Zealand and they served the cranberry version on deck and called it a Pacific Islands Iced Tea. Then in their bars inside they had the original Long Island Iced Tea. Let's just say in that 4 days I drank a lot of Cocktails but my favourites where the two versions of the Iced Teas.

  • jarichards00gmailcom1376703837 posted 2 years ago

    Try substituting cranberry juice for cola for a great summer drink. It's called a "Long Beach Ice Tea". If you're having two get a designated driver . . . really. But sooo good.

  • Liquor.com posted 4 years ago

    Everybody has their own preference, which is why we didn't specify an exact amount of cola. You're welcome to add as big a "splash" as you want!

    As for Bermuda Gold, we're guessing you're talking about Bermuda Gold Liqueur? There's not a lot of information about it online, but as far as we can tell, it's only available in Bermuda.

  • Bob Bauman posted 4 years ago

    L.I. Iced Tea, in order to make it "Taste" like Iced Tea requires enough "Coke" to give it the right flavor, that's more than a 'splash'!

    Do you know where I can get Bermuda Gold???

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