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Jell-O Shots

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  • ollieh1.866a posted 3 months ago

    I make all my jello shots with various jello flavors and various schnapps. To a small package of jello, I use one cup boiling water and 3/4 cup schnapps and 1/4 cup cold water...makes 10 shots. I do not use vodka. Some faves are cherry jello and creme de cocoa....chocolate covered cherry or pineapple jello and creme de cocoa. Also, if you have lids for the cups, they keep for weeks in the frig. I just copies one I want to apple jello and cinnamon schnapps....tastes like apple pie. If you're coordinating colors and want Green Bay Packers green, mix 1 pkg yellow and 1 pkg blue for a perfect green. I think then I used blue curacao as the mix. That also goes very well with the blue berry jello. These are more for fun and flavor.....not strong like the vodka shots that will put you out. Large jello pkgs will make 21 shots. Be creative. Orange jello and peach schnapps are great too.

  • ivett8 posted 2 years ago

    Do Jell-O shots taste better with Rum or Vodka?
    I only tried them with Tequila. Which is your favorite, anyone? :)

  • posted 2 years ago

    can I make jello shots with wine or kalua

  • Gabbiex1 posted 2 years ago

    I'm 67 and just had my first Jell-O shots at a local fundraiser. Oh my!! We had SOOO much fun with our friends and raised a whole bunch of money for a sweet little girl!! I need to make some of these for me and my Sis....they're amazing!!!

  • sheneak.lewis1 posted 3 years ago

    I had them before but I just need to make them for myself this Christmas

  • luckysd posted 3 years ago

    60 years young and had first shots tonite they were great!! now want to make my own

  • gennie.burgess1 posted 3 years ago

    Great recipes and easy to fallow. Loved the D**** S***** drink recipe.Yum..

  • constance.watson.77 posted 3 years ago

    First time ever having a jello shots at age 50 and fell in love with them.

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