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Harvey Wallbanger - Vodka Cocktail

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  • mggirard13.dd3cd posted 2 years ago

    Pictured : Not a Harvey Wallbanger

  • Tim Dorian posted 5 years ago

    With 30 years of bartending experience I rarely ever made Golden Cadillacs but I do regularly make Harvey Wallbangers. It might not be very popular but it is a staple on the required list of top and classic drinks that all bartenders should know. Although it is not something I would drink nowadays, I have had one once and it was very good, just not my personal preference. May I add that knowing a wide variety of drinks and explaining them to a customer makes their experience more fun and therefore more enjoyable, which is the hallmark sign of a professional. This very night I told the story about how the Harvey Wallbanger purportedly got it's name while I was training a new bartender. She was entertained as are most of my customers when I relate the tale. Do you know the origin of the story?

  • Nancy Bowen posted 5 years ago

    The mark of a rotten bartender is not knowing how to use all the bottles at your disposal. Kids.
    My bottles have no dust.

  • Matt posted 5 years ago

    I remember when the bomb at Harvey's Tahoe went off. I was at Angora Lake w/ Parents and Friends Family. We heard the expolsion and my Dad took all the kids by the Casino to see the action. There was mudd that splattered on the outside wall of the adjacent Casino, I think the High Sierra at the time. I was probably 12 yrs old at the time. I do like Galiano and Gold Cadillacs. Go Poor Reds!

  • Juan posted 5 years ago

    Those who speak ill about Liquore Galiano obviously have never had a Golden Cadillac

  • P Derr posted 5 years ago

    This is just a screwdriver with something nobody drinks......

  • mark posted 5 years ago

    Nobody drinks galliano. Its that bottle that collects dust at every bar.

  • Mary Dowling posted 5 years ago

    This DRINK is very YUMMY. I've had it YEARS ago & it very TASTY

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