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Gin Gin Mule

A modern New York City classic that belongs in your rotation.

A lime green-hued gin cocktail in a Collins glass atop an ice spear with a sprig of mint and two green paper straws
Image: / Tim Nusog

This gingery, minty wonder was originally created by Audrey Saunders as a gateway gin drink for vodka lovers. But over the years, it’s become much more—a symbol of both the New York City cocktail renaissance and the generation of female bartending icons integral to it, the Gin Gin Mule is synonymous with Saunders’ beloved Pegu Club, which served as a Manhattan institution before its heartbreaking closure in 2020.

If the Gin-Gin Mule’s build feels familiar, it’s because what you’re looking at is essentially a gin Mojito with an added layer of flavor in the form of ginger beer. This cocktail was a staple at Pegu Club, one that held fast throughout the iconic New York City bar’s 15-year tenure before the business fell prey to the havoc wreaked on the hospitality industry by the COVID-19 pandemic. But the memory of Saunders’ magnum opus lives on in the hearts of many, not to mention bars everywhere, particularly those at home.

A few tips for making the perfect Gin Gin Mule at home: homemade ginger beer won’t be fizzy and thus can be shaken with the rest of the liquid ingredients. If you’re going with bottled or canned, which will generally be carbonated, you’ll want to shake the other liquid ingredients and strain over ice before topping up the drink with the ginger beer. Also, when muddling your mint (or any other herb, for that matter), just remember: bruise it, don’t abuse it. Aggressive muddling can release undesirable flavor qualities, such as bitterness, so keep it gentle for best results.



  1. In a mixing tin, muddle the simple syrup, lime juice and 1 mint sprig.

  2. Add the gin, ginger beer and ice, and shake well.

  3. Strain into a highball glass over fresh ice.

  4. Garnish with 1 mint sprig and serve with a straw.