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  • Truthinbooze posted 4 months ago

    If I hear one more person say that a "Gimlet" made with fresh lime juice is better than a real Gimlet made as God intended with Rose's lime I may go on a bar bashing spree. YOU are the reason I can't get a proper Gimlet in a bar anymore, the reason some simpering superior young barkeep tells me, "No, we don't have Rose's lime, we make our own fresh squeezed lime juice." Well, bully for you, boychik, but that means you are not capable of making a Gimlet, so take it off the menu. Rose's is made with key limes, tiny pale little things with a distinctive flavor. You have to squeeze about a 100 to make a small bottle of Rose's and no way you're doing this in your kitchen. If you think Rose's is too sweet then your proportions are off. I make a Gimlet pretty much like a Martini: 3 or 4 oz of gin and a little splash of Rose's, just a quick tip of the bottle. It's icy tart goodness is unmatched by any fresh lime sour.

  • captbobalou posted 6 months ago


    A gimlet has to be made with lime cordial or Rose's Lime. Otherwise it's a Gin Rickey. I've had varying levels of success with gin/vodka blends, but now make mine with gin only. Really like Gordons with it. Sweeter and more juniper gins don't quite cut it. Also, have pleased crowds with adding a little vermouth and a dash of salt to leaven the high end notes.

    BTW: Did an experiment making my own lime cordial vs Roses and found perhaps 1% difference in flavor, but one lost afternoon. It's all about proportions of gin/ice/lime cordial.

  • pouringpro posted 10 months ago

    Nicely put together video, BUT, I am a firm believer that a sliced fruit garnish belongs "On a drink, Never in it." Also, handling a stem glass by the bowl puts germs and fingerprints on the glass.

  • ginmarsni posted 11 months ago

    (ginmarsni says)....A Gimlet is my favorite warm weather drink with Beefeater gin.....I use Roses Lime Juice (1/2 oz), one ounce fresh squeezed lime juice, 3 oz of Beefeater all shaken quite heartily and strained into a "martini" glass with the piece de resistance, three drops of Cointrau atop the drink......

  • Belinda7 posted 2 years ago

    It's much better using Tito's vodka, fresh lime juice, and a simple syrup made with distilled water (1 cup) and 2/3 cup agave syrup (healthier than sugar). Then, the vodka gimlet is 4 oz. simple syrup, 4 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice, 8 oz. Tito's (or other smooth) vodka and 1 Tbsp. honey. Shake over ice in a shaker, and pour. Yummy!!!

  • editor posted 6 years ago

    Rob, you're absolutely right. Though the Gimlet is traditionally made using Rose's, fresh lime juice with a little sugar is a delicious substitute.

  • Rob posted 6 years ago

    I'm disappointed to see this site using the quick and easy way to make this drink,

    Instead of Roses Lime, use a fresh squeezed lime and a teaspoon of powdered sugar... it makes a much more refreshing drink

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1 12 oz Beefeater London dry gin
3 oz Tonic water


How to Make:

  1. Add the gin to a Highball glass, then half-fill the glass with the tonic water.
  2. Fill the glass with ice, then add a lemon and orange wheel.
  3. Top with more tonic and stir.
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