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French 75 - Cognac Cocktail

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  • rebekkak posted 7 months ago

    I use 1/2 brandy or cognac and 1/2 gin. Delish!! I tried the brown sugar too, but I think the syrup is easier to deal with.

  • rebekkak posted 10 months ago

    I like how you think robw! I had a cocktail similar to your alternative recipe at magnolias in charleston, sc. AMAZING!! :)

  • robw posted 2 years ago

    Here is a great variation. Brown sugar cube, 5 drops of bitters at bottom of the champagne flute. Shake 1/2 tsp Grand Marnier, 1 tsp armagnac or cognac over ice cubes. Lemon twist (I prefer Meyer Lemon). Strain and pour over the sugar cube. Add champagne, and the lemon twist.

  • dwellsnqtopiagmailcom668810476 posted 3 years ago

    This is the cocktail I've missed my whole life.

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