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Some purists might think the best way to enjoy Flor de Caña 12-year-old rum is neat or on the rocks. But a little coffee liqueur, chile liqueur and smoke can add hints of bitterness and spice to the full-bodied and Fair Trade Certified rum. It’s a unique, smooth flavor you really need to try.

When you choose Fair Trade Certified Flor de Caña rum, you’re voting with your dollar—supporting income sustainability, worker empowerment, community development and environmental stewardship.


  • 2 oz Flor de Caña 12-year-old rum
  • 1/2 oz Cold-brew coffee liqueur
  • 1/4 oz Ancho Reyes chile liqueur
  • 2 dashes Orange bitters


  1. Using a kitchen torch, light a 2”-long piece of applewood (or other wood of your liking) over a nonflammable surface until the top smolders and begins to smoke.

  2. Place a jar or carafe over the wood until it fills with smoke (for about 15 seconds), then seal immediately.

  3. In a mixing glass, add all ingredients with ice and stir until chilled.

  4. Strain into the smoke-filled jar and seal.

  5. Gently swirl the contents, aerating the liquid with smoke. (The longer you swirl, the smokier the cocktail will be.).

  6. Pour into a snifter.