Employees Only Manhattan

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Employees Only Manhattan - Rye Whiskey Cocktail

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  • bsbrady@gmail.com posted 8 months ago

    Love EO, but the Manhattan is not very good. Way too much vermouth. Now I know why 1.5 oz or rye and 1.75 oz of sweet vermouth. Way too much. The star of the show should be the rye

  • matejcek posted 1 year ago

    And about those typos: sweet vermouth poisoning.

  • matejcek posted 1 year ago

    I have an idea of why it posted my comment twice -- I probably double-clicked POST COMMENT. Ad for why it prepended backslashes to every apostrophe: no clud.

  • matejcek posted 1 year ago

    I get it -- 'Employees Only' is a bar. I didn't know that in the beginning -- I thought it was just a very clever name for a cocktail. After tasting this, I thought that the 'Employees Only Manhattan' was a way to make the staff give up drinking. OK, if you're mad about vermouth, I guess you might enjoy this. I'll concede that it's different. But it's a terrible thing to do to good rye. I'm glad for all of you who have discovered this and like it. I'm going back to 2:1 or 3:1, depending on my mood. Plus the bitters, of course, and a teaspoon of cherry juice.

  • witsch posted 2 years ago

    When my dandruff is loose...
    ...and my breath is Chartreuse (8)

  • robweeve posted 2 years ago

    it's been around for a while but i just had my first, a Greenpoint: rye, punt e mes and chartruese.

  • lmancha posted 2 years ago

    johndixon548, I tried it with triple sec, and it's just as nice. A wonderful drink.

  • brienbensongmailcom663897167 posted 2 years ago

    Great drink. Not sure how new t isS Pretty sure the Savoy advocates a 50:50 Manhattan with either dash of Curaçao or Maraschino angostura bitters and a lemon twist. Maybe called Old Standard Manhattan

  • johndixon548 posted 2 years ago

    Is this heresy, or could, just possibly, one use Triple Sec in place of Grand Marnier? I have no GM in the house.....

  • janrick posted 2 years ago

    Having never had a Manhattan, I tried this one as well as the classic. This is my favorite by far.