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Dry Martini - Gin Cocktail

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  • scooterdozergmailcom1159867418 posted 1 month ago

    desert dweller I'd say there's no clear right or wrong way of garnishing a cocktail just depends on if that garnish over powers or changes the drink too much. So I'd say us what you want, but make sure it balences it out.

  • Crazy Dave posted 7 months ago

    For Gin, my preference is Bombay Sapphire. For Vodka, my preference is Luksusowa. my preferred Vermouth is Noilly Prat Original, but Martini and Rossi Extra Dry will do in a pinch. Bitters can be omitted if preferred. If used should be one drop only. Olive is my choice for garnish.

  • desert dweller posted 7 months ago

    So while I love very dry martinis; I am not a fan of green olives. Is an onion permissible in a gin martini; or is that restricted to vodka martinis?

  • GloriaNancy@optonline.net posted 2 years ago

    Need to purchase a high end Vodka and Vermouth for amartini drink for a party. What is recommended.

  • ginmarsni posted 2 years ago

    ...my compliments to lyle on his excellent comments......I find them most interesting as I am also named Lyle (or one of my nom de plume, ginmarsni or the old codger) and have been a martini aficionado for 60 years.....my standard martini is Beefeater, up-dry-stirred-with a twist.....

  • lyle posted 2 years ago

    A dry martini is called "dry" due to its employment of dry vermouth and dry gin. A traditional dry martini does call for a lower ratio of vermouth than its Old Tom / sweet vermouth predecessors, but to retain any semblance of "cocktail," the ratio should be substantial. There is a common misconception that the "dryness" relates to the amount of vermouth, but this is a mistake along the lines of saying you are nauseous when you are nauseated. When made with a beautiful gin (sorry, Beefeater, you are good, but not great,) a vermouth to rival it, and quality bitters, the dry martini cocktail is a complex and balanced drink, well worth the extra effort. I like chilled gin as much as the next guy, but a cocktail it is not. My current favorite ingredients are St. George Dry Rye, Contratto Vermouth Bianco, and Ango Orange. If you're into olives, Castel Vitranos are the way to go. Everyone's idea of perfect is different.

  • MCARE posted 2 years ago

    A "dry" Martini uses very little Vermouth. Just adding 2-3 drops to the shaker makes a perfect Martini, regardless of using Gin or Vodka.

  • lyle posted 3 years ago

    Agreed, lamachine, even while it is stipulated that this is a "dry" martini cocktail, the proportion of vermouth is much too low to call this a martini cocktail. I attribute this primarily to the dearth of good vermouths over the past few decades. But these days, with excellent vermouths (my favorite dry vermouth right now is Contratto's,) there is no excuse for an unbalanced approach like this. 2:1 up is a great place to start, once you've gotten your vermouth game together.

  • lamachine posted 3 years ago

    I like 2:1 up and 3:1 rocks. At 5:1 this is a glass of cold gin. Not bad but not well balanced.

  • praveen3483 posted 3 years ago

    can u post me all liquers recipes to my mail