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Named for the command that Daenerys Targaryen uses to get her dragons to breathe fire in “Game of Thrones,” this kicky riff on a Dark ’N’ Stormy kinda does the same thing, says Jenn Harvey, the bar manager at Temple Bar in Cambridge, Mass. “While too much spice tends to kill people's palates, this cocktail has an initial gentle heat that builds as you drink it, ultimately leading one to breath fire.”

This recipe originally appeared as part of “The 5 Recipe Variations Every Dark ’N’ Stormy Lover Should Know.”



  1. Pour all the ingredients into a double Old Fashioned glass with ice and stir.

  2. Garnish with a lime wheel.

  3. *Ancho-chile-infused bourbon: Slice up 3 large ancho chiles and place them into a jar along with 1 L bourbon. Let set for 24 hours, then strain out solids.