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Dirty Martini

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  • babb99gmailcom738946069 posted 4 months ago

    A varitety of this, I've been told, is called a Dirty Cajun. Just add a splash of your favorite hot sauce, such as Tobasco or, my favorite, habanero. Just make sure it's not something with much body. It's absolutely delicious. I make mine with gin.

  • gary ludwig posted 4 months ago

    Have been making dirty martinis for years with premium English gin 3 oz, spritize dry french vermouth (Noilly Pratt ) or Italian (Martini Rossi) and two tablespoons of olive juice or brine that has two parts juice and one part dry vermouth in the olive container. The vermouth give the three olives with garlic centres a distinct and wonderful flavour. Always remember that martinis are like Balls, one is not enough and three is too many!!

  • ThomasBayes posted 6 months ago

    If you use the vermouth, pour it in the tin over ice, shake, then strain it out and then add the Gin or Vodka/Olive Brine over the vermouth flavored ice, shake and strain. That's a classic way of doing it....

  • dondada.makana.1051b4c posted 1 year ago

    The best thing going in Morris County, NJ! #dondadamakana

  • pouringpro posted 1 year ago

    Misuse of the word Classic. How can a drink that is maybe 15 years in existence, be considered a classic. I am sure it will become a classic because it is here to stay. Only in America would a person pay for more salt water in their drink and less vodka by ordering their Martini really dirty! Stop with the inaccurate headlines to grab attention. a Liquor.com chap technique.

  • MAVidal posted 2 years ago

    Tito's - empty out the Vermouth - 3 Olives

  • plgorrin.f80811 posted 2 years ago

    Many bartenders leave the vermouth in the shaker and then add the Vodka. I have been drinking Martinis for over 40 years and feel/know the vermouth should be emptied from the shaker( just leaving what coated the sides) first, then add the Vodka and Voila, "The Perfect Martini".

  • dderiggi10 posted 2 years ago

    how many calories in a dry martini

  • britnia posted 2 years ago

    the correct number of olives is as many as you can convince the bartender to give you

  • chrisworldwebscapescom72169193 posted 2 years ago

    This is now my favorite personal drink. I make my own brine with white vinegar, Kosher salt, and spring water. I pour this back over my dry olives to make them go farther.

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