Dark & Stormy

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Dark & Stormy

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  • Gonzo67 posted 1 year ago

    I tried it with kraken rum, was great. Definitely have a new go to easy drink.

  • careenlittle@gmail.com posted 1 year ago

    If you pour the ginger beer into the glass first and then add the darker rum on top, it looks "dark and stormy".........i having been making it that way behind the bar forever? Thought that's why it was called dark and stormy

  • Jeri posted 4 years ago

    I love love love this drink! Fever Tree Ginger beer gives it a spicy kick that makes it irresistible!

  • fasteddie posted 4 years ago

    I do'nt want ginger in anything I drink.

  • asqar posted 4 years ago

    Ginger beer it's just a soft drink, like Evervess "Ginger Ale"

  • Josh Miller posted 4 years ago

    Mmmmmm....lawsuits are yummy.

  • vgopal posted 4 years ago

    Should give a try....

  • Merry Starr posted 6 years ago

    I've HAD one of these without knowing the proper name. Seriously, they are very good! Try Vernor's ginger ale if ginger beer isn't available. The bite of the ginger mixes nicely with the smoothness of the rum and the contrast works...at least for me. I squeezed my lime wedge into the concoction, and it added it's own zing. I like it!

  • kelly posted 6 years ago

    Ginger beer isn't 'beer'. It's more like spicy, yummy, much less sweet ginger ale. Which isn't really 'ale' either. Dark 'n' Stormys are a personal fave, if you want something sweeter, try w/ ginger ale, which I'm thinking is called a 'Partly Cloudy'.

  • Terry B. posted 8 years ago

    Dark&Stormy is'nt for me!!!Ginger Beer,what? If I want to have a beer,it better come out of a can,or,bottle.This just sounds real bad to me.Hope someone else can have one of these for me.UGH,UGH is all I can say here.See ya'll later. Have a great week.

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