Daniel Shoemaker’s Brandied Cherries

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Daniel Shoemaker’s Brandied Cherries

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  • cmroberts03.1bb897b posted 2 months ago

    does this not need a waterbath process?

  • alchoneer posted 1 year ago

    I just made these last night, and they turned out nice. Two things: 1.) I added some crushed vitamin C tablets to the lemon juice and water components and let the pitted cherries soak in this mixture while I finished the rest. This was the guidance I found on some home canning websites, and it worked well for preventing browning of the fruits. 2.) The recipe calls for a much greater volume of soaking liquor than is actually needed to top-off the jars. I halved the suggested volume, and still had a full qt. of soaking liquid leftover after finishing 5 pints. Otherwise, the extra liquor makes a nice base for a cherry flavored Clover Club.

  • Ben Riddell posted 1 year ago

    Paragraph 4 - "Bring to a boil". This is just the water, lemon juice, and sugar, yes? Everything above , except the cherries, is the "spice bundle". Should that be in a cheese-cloth bag or something? Thanks!

  • egall4827 posted 2 years ago

    What if you finish the process by traditional canning in boiling water (10-20 minutes depending on altitude)? Does the alcohol dissipate, or would this be recommended for preserving?

  • bryan.j.maloney posted 3 years ago

    And if one lives in Texas, where fresh tart cherries are never to be found?

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