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Cuba Libre - Rum Cocktail

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  • worg29hotmailcom246433924 posted 4 months ago

    That is not a Cuba Libre. That's a rum and Coke with a lime garnish. A Cuba Libre requires you to squeeze a half to a full lime into the drink itself, preferably dropping the squeezed lime in as well, for the oils released from the skin. The result is a drink that tastes entirely different. And the it has a different name.

  • posted 4 years ago

    The only reason we can think of is that the Cuba Libre uses dark rum, which can be slightly more expensive than white. But it sounds like your bar is acting a bit shady...

  • Mike posted 4 years ago

    Why is a Cuba Libre cost more than a Rum & Coke. I asked the bartender and he said b/c the younger crowd doesn't know the difference. Might just save someone a couple bucks.

  • posted 4 years ago

    If it's still sealed, the whiskey should still be good. Here's more info about when to throw out old liquor:

  • posted 4 years ago

    Hi Ron--
    You can make your Cuba Libre with dark or light rum. (Some light rums are actually barrel-aged, but their color is filtered out.) Our recipe calls for Bacardi Gold, which is a type of dark rum. It may not be as dark in color as longer-aged spirits, but it is indeed barrel-aged. As a matter of fact, the Cuba Libre recipe on Bacardi's own website is the same as ours:

  • Ron posted 4 years ago

    When my wife and I were in Puerto Rico, the people at the Bacardi distillery, which does not distill there, told us a Cuba Libre is make with dark rum and Coke. Yours says otherwise.

  • Elaine posted 5 years ago

    What is the shelf like on Kessler's wiskey? I was cleaning the basement, and found a case of it?
    It's probably 40 yrs. it still good?

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