Classic Bloody Mary

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Classic Bloody Mary (image: Tim Nusog)

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  • silenus posted 1 year ago

    Liked your question about whether I was a professional bartender because my father was. Unfortunately he is no longer here to guide me!

  • emihall858 posted 2 years ago

    My first bloody mary was just on my flight home. It was straight Finlandia vodka and V8. I have to say it was pretty delicious and now craving more.

  • IFortuna posted 2 years ago

    I love a Bloody Mary with V8! I use Belvedere or Chopin and a few dashes of Tabasco. Nothing else needed. It comes out sweet and delicious. These are smooth and never bitter. Goes down so pleasantly.

  • Dallasskyy posted 2 years ago

    Quite a kick! Prob needs about half the amount of horseradish, but after the first drink, who the heck cares?

  • tgrouse posted 3 years ago

    Yes, I need a healthy diet drink!

  • Areyouf_Ukingkiddingme posted 3 years ago

    V8 Bitches

  • TEndow posted 4 years ago

    OHHHH! My kind of drink the Classic Bloody Mary with a Wasabi tomato juice. Yum!

  • TEndow posted 4 years ago

    The ultimate Bloody Mary guide sounds like something that I would like to read! :)

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