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CBD Spritz

CBD Spritz cocktail on a wooden coaster, garnished with a grapefruit slice and straw, served next to a Sprig CBD can / Tim Nusog

As bartenders and enthusiasts experiment with cocktails, it’s only natural that certain food and wellness trends find their way into those drinks. Such experimentation has given way to turmeric cocktails, low-alcohol drinks, hard seltzers and even CBD, a nonintoxicating compound in cannabis.

There are many ways to incorporate CBD into your drink, like dosing it with a dropper of CBD oil, creating your own CBD-infused simple syrup or topping your cocktail with a CBD tonic or soda. The CBD Spritz goes the latter route, calling upon Sprig’s CBD-infused zero-sugar sparkling citrus soda. This made-in-California soda is light and refreshing, and one can features 20 milligrams of all-natural CBD derived from hemp. It does not contain THC, so it’s meant to provide marijuana’s therapeutic benefits without the stony side effects.

You could drink the soda on its own, of course, but using it in cocktails is a fun way to combine CBD with your favorite spirits. The CBD Spritz starts with vodka and Aperol, the bittersweet Italian aperitif that’s best known for its use in the Aperol Spritz, which also features prosecco and club soda. The vodka adds a bit more punch to the drink, while sparkling wine is used in equal parts with the CBD soda, giving the cocktail an extra slug of dry effervescence. A grapefruit slice garnish complements the soda’s citrusy character and channels the Aperol Spritz’s orange slice.

Whether enjoyed on a sunny patio or sipped on your couch as you wind down after a long week, the CBD Spritz is a cold glass of relaxation.


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  1. Fill a double rocks glass with ice, then add the vodka and Aperol.

  2. Top with chilled sparkling wine followed by the chilled Sprig CBD-infused soda.

  3. Stir to combine, and garnish with a grapefruit slice.