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  • booze654 posted 4 months ago

    Any bar that makes a Brandy Alexander using soft-service ice cream should be closed. It needs plain, unsweetened whipping cream. It should be thin -- not thick and not overly sweetened.

  • mcrosswade.3aa2 posted 4 months ago

    Brandy Alexander's are delicious when made properly. Make sure the bar is a nice one that carries a) good cognac and b) fresh cream. You don't want to order this at a business motel bar just because the mood strikes you. If so, you'll end up with a bad experience; a waitress/bartender who has to look up the recipe, cough syrup like cognac, and cream that comes off of the tables set for next morning's breakfast crowd next to the maple syrup. This is not what you want. Order this drink as your last when you've gone out for a REAL night out on the town or a sophisticated date at a well stocked restaurant bar. Then you'll get the most out of your experience.

  • arichlloyd posted 8 months ago

    Only place to get a Brandy Alexander is at the Pump on Kelly's Island. If you never heard of Kelly's Island your not from O H - I O

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