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Boulevardier - Bourbon Cocktail

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  • Greg Logan posted 1 year ago

    Hey Dale

    I really appreciate your providing this information. I was provided this by a bartender the other night and now am playing with it. I do like the Dolin as well - not so keen on the Bulleit.

    Here is where I am lost - I recognize this is the standard recipe - essentially 1:1:1. However, I do NOT get DROWNING the liquor.... Isn't the whole point to accent the liquour??? Therefore, I have modified to 4:1:1 (1oz Rye, 1/4 oz vermouth and Campari). Fabulous - and lets the whiskey shine. I do the same with my anejo margaritas.

    Again - I am lost with the whole drowning of the liquor thing that is "the way" it is done....

    I would love your feedback on this.

    BTW - I love the idea of an a "flamed" orange garnish - what does the poor soul do that does not happen to have a fresh orange (or lemon or lime) available? My initial guess is getting dried skins which will not deteriorate over time... but not much to squeeze? Or maybe a little water will "open it up".

    Thanks so much for your input and feedback.

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