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  • argleblargle posted 2 years ago

    Matt. Damon.

  • TDR posted 2 years ago

    I am a very picky drinker. I will stop drinking for years if I have consistently poor drinks made for me. I enjoyed the boilermaker in one bar because the whiskey was sweet. I am not typically a whisky drinker...but I love crown. Especially with Red Bull! I would love to find a sweet whiskey that I could love to drink on the rocks. Any suggestions for this picky drinker? Oh yes, I also like MacDougall's whiskey and coke too. But something tells me I need to broaden my whiskey education.

  • pouringpro posted 4 years ago

    Actually the Boilermaker, a drink originating in the 20's, was made with a shot dropped in a mug of beer. So, the photo is accurate.
    Drinking beer from the pint "mixing" glass did not become popular until 1976. In April 1976, 2 bars,
    one In NYC and one in Norwich, Ct , both stocked their bars with stacks of mixing glasses and the Ametican Pint of beer craze began.
    A couple years later the modern Boilermaker, the Car Bomb, the mother of all Bombs, was born at that Norwich bar, Wilson's Saloon.

  • pouringpro posted 4 years ago

    And today we have Car Bombs, Saki , and Jaeger Bombs.

  • posted 5 years ago

    The Boilermaker is traditionally served in a pint glass; that's a beer mug in our photo.

  • Wayne Swenson posted 5 years ago

    What is the glass pictured in the Boilermaker recipe?

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