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Bloody Roman

Celebrity chef Chris Cosentino begins brunch with this spicy, beer-based, oyster-topped culinary concoction.


  • 12 oz Castelvetrano or other mild green olives
  • 36 oz Beer (preferably Anchor Steam), cold
  • Roman Mix
  • 12 Oysters (preferably Kumamato or Kusshi), shucked, liquor reserved
  • Garnish: Olives
  • Garnish: Serrano chiles
  • Garnish: Chile threads


  1. Place 2 olives in each of 6 pint glasses.

  2. Pour half a bottle of beer into each glass and top with the Roman Mix, divided evenly among the glasses.

  3. Place 2 shucked oysters with their liquor in each glass and garnish with an additional olive, a serrano chile and a few chile threads.