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  • jabrieldonohuegmailcom73258706 posted 4 months ago

    This will have zero effect on a hangover, but might have on your ibuprofen or plan B.

  • joybuehleruiowaedu341968681 posted 4 months ago

    Agreed with previous comment. This is a dangerous trend in the cocktail community (and in turn, the cocktail consumer aka public). Someone taking say blood pressure or heart medications could nullify their effect by consuming a "harmless" cocktail. We shouldn't need guests to fill out a form that lists all their medications because we aren't doctors. Please re-consider your stance on this article/trend!

  • Ben Riddell posted 4 months ago

    Activated Charcoal does NOTHING to dispel toxins. It binds to a number of chemicals and prevents them from being absorbed through the small intestine. These chemicals include blood-pressure medication, anti-depressants, and birth control pills. Google "activated charcoal FDA" for a more complete list.

    If you serve activated charcoal without informing the customer of the medications that this ingredient renders less effective, you are doing them a disservice and potentially threatening their health.

    Plus, it turns your teeth and gums a disgusting shade of black. Bad trend. It needs to stop.

  • thebonyking.ad878 posted 4 months ago

    Injesting activated charcoal can interfere with birth control and other medications you may be taking and IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

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