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Bermuda Rum Swizzle

Image: Tim Nusog

No, it's not a dance. But it just might spark some killer moves. To prepare a Rum Swizzle, it’s best to use an authentic swizzle stick. Real swizzle sticks are long stems snapped off a tree native to the Caribbean, and feature multiple prongs that stick out horizontally. When spun rapidly between your hands inside a cold cocktail, the swizzle stick will create a thick layer of frost on the outside of a glass—the sign of a perfect swizzle.



  1. Fill a pitcher a third of the way with crushed ice, and add all the ingredients.

  2. Churn vigorously until frothing (or shake in a large shaker), and strain into 4 rocks glasses filled with fresh ice.

  3. Garnish each with an orange slice, a pineapple cube and a cherry.