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Beach Bum - Vodka Cocktail

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  • Jack Lunsford posted 6 years ago

    Aloha from Kailua Kona Hawaii. I am an amature bartender and enjoy coming up with new drinks, served at my Tiki Bar on the back Lanai. Here is one I sent to Bartenders Mag...your might enjoy..I love em.

    Drink Name: Cactini.

    Prepare a maritni glass by salting the rim and adding a lime wheel to edge.

    In a shaker with ice: 1 oz Patron Crystal Tequilla & 1 oz. Gray Goose (or other) Vodka. Shake to very cold and pour. Float the top with a few drops of Patron Oarange or Grand Mariner.

    Garnish with a Nopalito Pickeled Catus scewered on pick (like a green worm). Nopalito's are available at any Mexican grocery section.


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