Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle

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Baileys Toasted Almond Brittle - Irish Cream Cocktail

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  • Fred B. posted 5 years ago

    Just made two of these and they were very good! Look at the ingredients and what's not to like? We did add a little extra Hazelnut and Vanilla liqueur because the taste was all Baileys, which seemed to overpower the drink. I would recommend this drink for sure.

  • Slicey posted 8 years ago

    This sounds amazing! I will absolutely try this recipe. Thanks!

  • Terry B. posted 8 years ago

    Maybe I don't get it?!I've only had Bailey's straight out of the bottle,as an after-dinner drink.As far as I'm concerned,it tastes great by itself.Why do we have to make it taste like fruit,or a different flavor that it isn't? Oh well,that's what makes the Good Ol'USA the way it is!!!Hey,drive sober,pull over if you've had to much,but,most of all,BE SAFE. Your neighbor from Tucson,Arizona

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