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  • Fernadno Arrelaro posted 2 months ago

    Great Tips.

  • Mark posted 5 years ago

    Do you all have an app for iPad? How amazing to be able to flick through recipes on my iPad, check off ones I've had, make comments on drinks, etc. etc.

  • Pete posted 5 years ago

    Both the Americano and Negroni use sweet Rosso vermouth and Campari, but the Negroni replaces the club soda of an americano with gin.

  • Alessandra posted 6 years ago

    Regarding the Americano, is it with sweet Vermouth and that's how it compares to the Negroni in what ever way?

  • Robert Faverey posted 6 years ago

    Having trouble finding Campari.
    Tried Walmart liquor dept.
    Tried Walgreens liqour dept
    Any suggestions?
    Reside in Fort Mohave AZ

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