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Thirsty? We have hundreds and hundreds of delicious cocktail recipes from expert bartenders around the world. No matter if you're looking for a classic cocktail, a punch for a party or an original concoction, we have a cocktail recipe for every taste and occasion. What are you waiting for? Start mixing!
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Yoda Sour

Pisco , Modern Classics

Inspired by the diminutive Jedi Master, this simple Pisco Sour recipe packs a serious punch with its double dose of green thanks to matcha and absinthe. Love it, you will.


Rum , Classics Tiki / Tropical

The classic Daiquiri is a super simple rum cocktail that’s well-balanced and refreshing. The combination of sweet, sour and spirit is refreshingly tangy and perfect for any occasion.The Daiquiri’s classic cocktail status was long established before the contemporary cocktail phase. It was one of six classic cocktails that was featured in David A. Embury’s 1948 seminal book on cocktails, “The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.”Once you’ve made this recipe, you’ll forget all about those terrible frozen, syrupy Daiquiris you’ve had in tropical locations. Add this foolproof drink to your bartending arsenal and your friends will thank you.


Vodka , Shots

Born in the 1970s during the days of disco, the Kamikaze is an easy-to-make shooter that's perfect for knocking back quickly and getting the party started. While there are many variations of this pre-game favorite, this rendition has a citrus-dominating flavor that will have you back on the dance floor in no time. No chaser needed.


Tequila , Classics Margaritas

The Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in North America—for good reason. Combining the tang of lime and the sweetness of orange liqueur with the distinctive strength of tequila, our classic Margarita strikes all of the right keys.Although many people reach for premade sour mix, we highly recommend using fresh lime juice. The end result is—let's face it—superior.When talking Margaritas, it’s easy to get lost in stories about who invented the drink or get mired in debates over salt versus no salt; blended or frozen; triple sec, Cointreau or Grand-Marnier. In our opinion, this version is the tried-and-true recipe for the best Margarita you can make. Memorize it, and you’ll always impress.

Audrey Saunders’ Ginger Beer

While Pegu Club proprietor Audrey SaundersGin-Gin Mule can be made with canned ginger fizz, it gets even better when mixed with house-made ginger beer, which is remarkably easy to make at home.“Store-bought stuff has a peppery, more than gingery, profile,” says Saunders, interviewed in newly released book “New York Cocktails” (Cider Mill Press, $19.95) by Amanda Schuster. In addition, many brands can be “insipid,” she says.While Pegu Club makes ginger beer by the gallon, here’s a smaller-scale version to try at home. It takes a little time—note the one-hour wait for the ingredients to fully integrate—but yields enough for several cocktails, since only an ounce of this intensely gingery elixir is all that’s needed for maximum piquancy. (Note: Some variations on this recipe call for two ounces of ginger beer when canned versions are used.)This recipe originally appeared as part of “The Secret Weapon That Is Homemade Ginger Beer.”

Cider House Rules

Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Modern Classics

Billy Grise, the food and beverage director at Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar in Covington, Ky., is a big fan of author John Irving, who penned the cocktail’s namesake novel, a coming-of-age story of an orphan who leaves his home to explore the world. “My inspiration for the cocktail was to create something that kept the essence of the end of summer while equally welcoming the fall.” Feel free to substitute the strawberry cider with another flavor.This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Build-in-the-Glass Bourbon Cocktails to Make at Home.”

Bourbon & Berries

Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Modern Classics

Originally created by former bar lead Willem Van Leuven at San Diego’s Herb & Wood and adapted by bar lead Emily Carroll, this take on the Old Fashioned rotates in a different flavored syrup depending on the seasonal produce that’s available. “The strawberry-vanilla syrup that we currently use to add dimension to this cocktail was the result of a collaborative effort with our executive pastry chef Adrian Mendoza, who’s the brains behind the berry syrup series and to date has developed a cranberry-cinnamon and blackberry-cinnamon, in addition to the strawberry,” says Carroll. Feel free to riff on a different flavor.This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Build-in-the-Glass Bourbon Cocktails to Make at Home.”

Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned

Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Modern Classics

In this adapted recipe, Los Angeles' Copper Lounge bar manager Scott Allen mixes bourbon with a syrup that's basically pumpkin pie seasoning in liquid form. Orange and orange bitters lend a touch of bright citrus flavor, while Angostura bitters give it depth.This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Build-in-the-Glass Bourbon Cocktails to Make at Home.”

Beggars Banquet

Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Modern Classics

Beer-tails are really easy to make, says Michael Przybyl, the beverage manager at David’s Club at the Hilton Orlando. They maintain their effervescence when they’re gently stirred rather than vigorously shaken. “Beer has become very sophisticated and is the perfect base for a cocktail,” he says. “Besides, why should liquor have all the fun in a cocktail?” Short answer: It shouldn’t.This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Build-in-the-Glass Bourbon Cocktails to Make at Home.”

Brown Butter Old Fashioned

Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Modern Classics

Lu Brow, the cocktail director at New Orleans’ DTB knew she wanted the nutty, toasty flavor of brown butter in a cocktail. “Old Fashioneds are such a staple in the South and particularly New Orleans, so I chose to incorporate the flavors together in the glass,” she says. Brown sugar lends an earthy sweetness to this drink, whose complexity is in indirect proportion to the effort it takes to whip it up.This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Build-in-the-Glass Bourbon Cocktails to Make at Home.”

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Greta Garbo

Rum , Modern Classics

Few actresses captured the world’s imagination like Greta Garbo did in the 1920s and ’30s. The Swedish-born star won her way into people’s hearts with roles in such films as “Torrent,” “Flesh and the Devil” and her first talkie, “Anna Christie,” whose opening line—“Give me a whiskey, ginger ale on the side, and don’t be stingy, baby!”—cemented her legendary status in Hollywood and beyond.So it’s no surprise that someone created a cocktail in her honor. But who invented it and where? Sadly, those details have eluded history. What we do know is that famous people often inspire famously delicious drinks, and this one’s no exception. Adapted from Knut Sundin’s 1930 book, “Two Hundred Selected Drinks,” this recipe calls for a delicate mix of BACARDÍ® Carta Blanca rum, Cointreau liqueur, fresh lime juice and grenadine, made silky with a few drops of absinthe. Whiskey and ginger it ain’t. But we think Garbo would love it just the same.

Bellevue Heights

Gin , Modern Classics

This cocktail by bar manager Julieta Campos at The Whistler in Chicago takes inspiration from a classic Clover Club and the Bellevue-Stratford hotel in Philadelphia, where that drink was invented. Playing delicately with gin and fino sherry, the drink unfolds with subtle nutty, creamy, fruity, tannic and dry notes from a house-made pistachio white tea syrup and banana bitters.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “11 Gin Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now.”

Sparkling Rosé Margarita

Tequila , Punches

Who says you can’t have spring and summer all in one glass? Two warm-weather booze titans come together in this fun, fizzy punch of sparkling rosé and strawberry- and basil-infused tequila. Pro tip: Opt for a bubbly on the drier side to keep the flavors from leaning too sweet.

Negroni Sorbet

Gin , Frozen / Blended

The classic three-ingredient Negroni is reimagined as a boozy sorbet.The Negroni Sorbet originally appeared in our DrinkWire channel.

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Mary Pickford

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

Actress Mary Pickford was known as America’s Sweetheart in the 1920s, when she landed in Cuba to shoot a film with husband Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin. As the story goes, Fred Kaufman, one of the many American bartenders who relocated to the island during Prohibition, dreamed up this BACARDÍ® rum-based concoction special for the silent-film star. Some recipes call for prepackaged juice only, but according to Basil Woon’s 1928 book, “When It’s Cocktail Time in Cuba,” it’s not a Mary Pickford without the addition of freshly squeezed pineapple juice. We tend to agree.

H2O Highball

Modern Classics

They say the simplest cocktails are the hardest to master. This pre-Paleozoic sipper is no exception, consisting of just three vital ingredients. Our foolproof recipe will have you mixing it again and again. For a much stronger drink, try including actual alcohol.


Sotol , Modern Classics

Behind lead bartender Candice Jae, San Francisco’s Mosto boasts more than 200 tequilas, 200 mezcals and even a vegan pechuga mezcal flight. The Sotolero drinks like a Martini made with sotol (Mexico’s desert spoon plant spirit) rather than gin. It’s earthy green notes are highlighted by Lillet blanc apéritif, Salers apéritif and orange bitters.This recipe originally appeared as part of “11 Hottest Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now: April 2018.”

Whiskey Sour

Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Modern Classics

This 1850s classic predates many of today’s most beloved cocktails, from the Daiquiri to the Margarita. But they all owe a tip of the cap to the three-ingredient OG, the Whiskey Sour. Here it’s topped off with egg white and Angostura bitters to give it a creamy, earthy texture.


Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Modern Classics

Fresh orange and lemon enlivens this Whiskey Sour variation, with spiced notes of cinnamon and dried harissa in a house-made syrup, resulting in a nuanced but bracing sipper.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “11 Whiskey Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now.”

Cinnamon French Toast

Rum , Modern Classics

When it comes to cooking with rum, you can’t completely eschew the sweet. At the weekend brunch at San Francisco’s Kaya, chef and co-owner Nigel Jones serves this Caribbean-inspired French toast topped with maple syrup infused with dark aged rum.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “Another Thing to Do with Good Rum? Cook with It.”

Easter Bunny Shot

Vodka , Modern Classics

Turn your cotton-tailed confection into the perfect shot glass with this seasonal treat that will have you rethinking your next Easter basket.

Smuggler’s Cove Hurricane

Rum , Modern Classics

Black rum was touted after Prohibition as a great base for punch. It works especially well in the classic Hurricane, where its richness is offset by tangy lemon and passion fruit. This version is from famed San Francisco Tiki bar Smuggler’s Cove.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “Everything You Need to Know About Black Strap Rum.”


Rum , Modern Classics

This black-rum-based cocktail is sweet, bitter and herbal, with a bit of brightness from lime juice and an orange peel garnish.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “Everything You Need to Know About Black Strap Rum.”

Kon-Tiki Grog

Rum , Modern Classics

Head under the palapa at Oakland's new Kon-Tiki for Christ Aivaliotis and Matthew Reagan’s rum and Tiki drinks. This cocktail is a riff off a classic Trader Vic’s Grog.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “11 Hottest Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now: March 2018.”

Charleston Breakfast Coffee

Irish Whiskey Whiskey , Hot

Jerry Slater, a bartender and forthcoming owner of The Expat in Athens, Ga., and co-author of “The Southern Foodways Alliance Guide to Cocktails”—has created a Southern take on the Irish Coffee that’s a much more grain-forward, slightly richer version of the drink.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “The Irish Coffee: 3 Delicious Ways to Reconsider the Famed Cocktail.”

Gran Rosta Coffee

Irish Whiskey Whiskey , Hot

Ray Burns, the owner of Prohibition in Charleston, S.C., and Savannah, Ga., says there’s never a wrong time of year to drink an Irish Coffee, but it’s especially perfect for winter sipping.

“As Irishmen, we take our Irish Coffee very seriously. The Gran Rosta Coffee has become one of our signature drinks at both Prohibition locations,” Burns says of the drink, which derives its name from the Gaelic words for “popcorn.” “The secret ingredient is a sprinkling of popcorn powder on top.”

This recipe originally appeared as part of “The Irish Coffee: 3 Delicious Ways to Reconsider the Famed Cocktail.”

Fort Defiance Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey Whiskey , Hot

Listed under the “Hot Helpers” category on the drinks menu at Fort Defiance in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood, this Irish Coffee by owner St. John Frizell was once dubbed "the best in the known world" by The New York Times.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “The Irish Coffee: 3 Delicious Ways to Reconsider the Famed Cocktail.”

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Vegan Pisco Sour

Pisco , Modern Classics

You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate this dairy-free spin on the Pisco Sour. The innovative use of aquafaba is enough to make it a can’t-miss cocktail.

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Chilecano Cocktail

Pisco , Modern Classics

A little fizz goes great with the distinct floral flavors of El Gobernador pisco. Pamela Wiznitzer’s bright and refreshing recipe is an amazing introduction to the world of pisco cocktails.

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Pisco Punch

Pisco , Punches

Maxine Belfand’s irresistible Pisco Punch brings together high-quality pisco, white wine, pineapple and lemon juice. The relatively simple recipe allows the floral notes of El Gobernador pisco to really shine.

Thin Mint Julep

Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Modern Classics

For those who love Girl Scout season and whiskey year round, this simple take on the classic Mint Julep will have you emptying your cookie boxes.

Scotch & Soda

Scotch , Classics

A little bit of soda helps bring out all of the complex flavors in your favorite Scotch. Get the proportions right to this fizzy combination and you've got an instant classic on your hands that will never go out of style.

La Negra Tiene Tumbao

Rum , Frozen / Blended

The addition of Fernet-Vallet liqueur to Juan Coronado’s riff on the Piña Colada, at Washington, D.C.’s Colada Shop, gives the classic blended cocktail a bracing menthol and herbal note that refreshingly offsets the drink’s rich creaminess.

French Martini

Vodka , Martinis

James Bond wouldn’t want any fruit in his signature cocktail, but maybe you do.


Gin Vodka , Classics

Pay tribute to 007 by mixing up his signature Vesper cocktail. The drink first appeared in Ian Fleming's 1953 novel Casino Royale when Bond asked for "Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?"

Road to Kyushu

Japanese Whisky Whiskey , Modern Classics

When Meredith Hayman, the bar manager at Michael’s in Santa Monica, Calif., had a bunch of Galliano liqueur to use up, she created this market-driven take on the Manhattan. It makes use of kumquats, the diminutive citrus fruit with a thin rind and a low amount of pith.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “11 Muddled Drinks in Bars to Crush on Now.”

Planter’s Punch

Rum , Classics

A simple mixture of rum, citrus, sugar and spice, the Planter’s Punch has been gracing cocktail books and bar menus for well over a century.

High Horse

Rum , Modern Classics

Shannon Tebay Sidle, a bartender at New York’s Death & Co, created this cocktail inspired by colonial-era ingredients.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “The Surprising Thing That Fueled the American Revolution. And the Rise of Our First President.”

Pot of Gold

Scotch , Modern Classics

While the rest of the drinking world sips from the green-beer spigot this St. Patrick’s Day, class it up with this gold-studded Irish whiskey cocktail.

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Bacardí Superior Mai Tai

Rum , Modern Classics

Try this upgrade on the classic summer cocktail.

Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey

Irish Coffee may not be the first coffee drink with alcohol, but it has become one of the most famous. Combining coffee with Irish whiskey, brown sugar and lightly whipped cream, Irish Coffee is a hot, creamy classic.There are many tall tales about the Irish Coffee’s origins. The most credible version attributes the cocktail to Joe Sheridan, the head chef of the restaurant at the Foynes Flying Boat terminal in County Limerick in the early 1940s. Legend has it that when he first served it and was asked if it was Brazilian coffee, Sheridan cheekily replied that it was “Irish coffee.”The drink was later made famous by Staton Deplante, who worked at the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco during the 1950s. Deplante wrote about the drink frequently in a travel column that was read widely across the States and piqued curiosity about Irish Coffee.Our version of the Irish Coffee is created by legendary bartender Dale DeGroff and has all of the right ingredients to warm you to the bone.

Blood & Sand

Liqueurs Scotch Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Classics

The recipe for the Blood and Sand first appeared in print in Harry Craddock’s 1930 The Savoy Cocktail Book. It's a complex combination of fruity and smoky, and a cinch to make with just four ingredients of identical proportions. Try it yourself with the fool-proof recipe below.

Dark ’n Stormy

Rum , Classics

Even when this drink describes the weather, you'll feel warm on the inside.

Happy Pill

Rum , Modern Classics

This cocktail at Chica in Las Vegas’ Venetian is a balanced version of a Tiki classic, the Painkiller.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “11 Hottest Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now: February 2018.”

Pinot Noir Chocolate Brownies


Deep, dark chocolate is every so slightly accented with pinot noir in this decadent adults-only dessert.

These Pinot Noir Chocolate Brownies originally appeared in our DrinkWire channel.

Harvest Time

Scotch Whiskey , Hot

Both locations of RedFarm are local NYC go-tos for hip dim sum and a red-and-white-checkered farmhouse vibe. During these cold winter days, Shawn Chen serves the warming Harvest Time. BenRiach scotch’s smoky campfire notes are given tart, bitter and spiced balance from warm apple cider, a touch of Campari liqueur, house-made ginger syrup and fresh yuzu citrus.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “Cold Enough? Try These 11 Warm Cocktails in Bars Now.”

Cold-Brew Negroni

Gin Liqueurs Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Modern Classics

Rather than adding coffee as an ingredient, Pam Wiznitzer of New York City’s Seamstress infuses it straight into Campari liqueur. From there, you can make a Boulevardier or anything else with the liqueur, but the classic Negroni is the best way to go.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Coffee Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Winter.”

Roman Holiday

Amaro , Modern Classics

Campari liqueur and pineapple juice in your cup of joe? Yep! From Cindy’s in Chicago, this cocktail is a balancing act of bitter and sweet, with a backbone of Amaro Meletti and cold-brew coffee. Think of it as Tiki’s Italian cousin with a caffeine buzz.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Coffee Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Winter.”

Italian Chocolate Martini

Amaro , Modern Classics

Head bartender Nicholas Boden invented a caffeinated, bittersweet take on the classic Chocolate Martini for his bar at Tavernonna Italian Kitchen, in Kansas City, Mo.’s Hotel Phillips. The foamy drink uses Italian amaro to complement the Italian cuisine served at the restaurant, and the drink is topped with three coffee beans meant to represent health, happiness and prosperity.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Coffee Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Winter.”

Oaxacan Tail

Mezcal , Modern Classics

This mezcal- and amaro-based coffee cocktail was cooked up as a brunch drink for Esters Wine Shop & Bar in Santa Monica, Calif. This Mexican-themed drink packs a zing from agave and mole bitters and can be mellowed with a bit of cream. While the recipe calls for Foro amaro, other amari can be easily substituted, such as Ramazzotti, Cynar or Averna.

This recipe originally appeared as part of “5 Coffee Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Winter.”

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