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Hot Toddy

Bourbon / American Whiskey Irish Whiskey Rye Whiskey Scotch Whiskey , Classics Hot

Brrrrr, is it cold out here? Great for a warming up for the night or when you're feeling under the weather, you can use any kind of whiskey you like in this hot and comforting classic Hot Toddy recipe.

The Lark Irish Coffee

Whiskey , Hot

You probably don’t associate root beer syrup and nutmeg with Irish Coffee, but that’s exactly why you have to try this recipe from The Lark in San Francisco.

Fallen Leaf

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Hot

Brett Esler of Whisler's in Austin created this intricate take on the Hot Toddy. It gets a nice spice from ginger liqueur, a round sweetness from house-made honey syrup and plenty of spice from cinnamon and allspice. Keep in mind this tipple proves strong, so it's best to sip slowly.

Bone & Bacon

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Hot

Yep, that’s a baby back rib garnish.

Duck Hunt


Consomme gets boozy on this woodsy adventure.

Chicken Soup Hot Toddy

Gin , Hot

Spike your Jewish Penicillin with a shot of gin.

Chicken & Apple Wassail


Whoa: applejack, cider and a shot of stock.

Sweet & Sour Chicken Toddy

Gin , Hot

Your favorite Chinese takeout in boozy form.

Hot Apple Pie


Looking for something to warm you up when it’s cold out? Try this cocktail from Smith & Whistle at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane.

Steeply Devoted

Gin , Hot

This boozy tea by bartender Elia Covino at Chicago’s Rebar in Trump hotel will warm you up during winter. “I wanted to make something to replace the mulled wine we would serve around the holidays that would appeal to the Hot Toddy drinkers and that spirits people wouldn't generally think would go well in a warm cocktail,” says Covino. “I knew I wanted vermouth to be a component, and the gin was a wonderful addition, adding more depth and a floral component. The milk chocolate elixir plays off both of those so well, and the ginger snap liqueur and honey add a touch of sweetness.”

Boozy Hot Chocolate


Add your favorite spirit for a personalized sweet treat.

Buddy’s Busy

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Hot

For football season, we had a bartender from each NFL team's hometown provide the perfect cocktail to represent their team.
“This cocktail is an ode to the ’85 Bears and the fleeting Honey Bears cheerleaders. I have vivid memories of watching them both during that season, even at six years old,” says bartender Christiana DeLucca of Chicago’s Formento’s. “It's also an homage to Buddy Ryan's 4–6 defense. That man is a legend, and this is my tip o’ the hat to him in cocktail form. Served Toddy style, this cocktail is all about embracing the fall season. Make a large batch, grab a thermos, and you've got the perfect tailgating cocktail to impress your friends.”

Smoked Honey Toddy

Scotch , Hot

There are two ways to make this warming winter drink: One involves smoking your own honey, and the other involves a cheat and buying already smoked honey (a good option is Bee Local white oak smoked honey). Jon Feuersanger, the beverage director of beast + bottle and Coperta in Denver, created this hot tipple that works with or without booze, and it's perfect for drinking as the snow falls during your next civilized holiday get-together.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Bourbon / American Whiskey Rum , Hot

No matter how much we fight it, as the weather turns cooler, imbibers turn to pumpkin spiced lattes. But instead of heading to the coffee shop for an overly sweet version, use the slow-cooker recipe by bartender Norma Beekman of Lexington, Ky.’s Lockbox at 21c Museum Hotel Lexington, and make your own at home. Since the drink stays hot in the pot, you can serve it morning, noon and night. And for the boozy kick, you can spike it with a variety of spirits, such as dark rum, bourbon or Frangelico—the darker the better.

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Brandy / Cognac , Hot

It tastes like a warm spiced apple, despite an unlikely list of ingredients.

Tea & Sympathy

Cachaça Liqueurs , Hot

Forget the whiskey. This warming Toddy replaces the brown spirit with cachaça laced with chai and spicy ginger liqueur.


Liqueurs , Hot

Give your winter Toddy a Greek vacation by adding Tentura, a Greek liqueur spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Spiced Cocoa

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Hot

Spice up your next cup of cocoa with this cayenne-spiked recipe mixed with nutty walnut liqueur and bourbon.

Rock Your Face Off Hot Toddy

Rye Whiskey , Hot

This Toddy is the perfect vehicle for Mister Katz’s Rock & Rye from New York Distilling Company. Combine the flavorful rye with honey syrup, lemon juice and bitters for a dram that will keep you warm all winter.

Apple Crisp Toddy

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Hot

Craving gooey apple crisp? Create the drinkable version with a base of freshly-brewed English breakfast tea laced with lemon peel plus spicy ginger bourbon, apple slices and cinnamon.

Pumpkin Toddy

Bourbon / American Whiskey Brandy / Cognac , Hot

Lean in for a whiff of this fragrant, fall-ready toddy.

Cafe Panama

Rum , Hot

This coffee-chocolate-rum drink is tasty hot or cold.

Emerald Isle of the Caribbean

Rum , Hot

The classic Irish Coffee goes tiki with this hot cocktail.

Grand Coffee

Liqueurs , Hot

A spot of coffee never sounded so good.

Plum Toddy

Liqueurs , Hot

Warm up with this modern twist on the traditional Hot Toddy.

I Left My Heart in Jalisco

Tequila , Hot

This warm, spicy and romantic tequila cocktail makes enough for two.

Malibu Mudslide

Rum , Hot

Indulge in this white hot cocktail drink spiked with coconut rum.

The Lookout

Rum , Hot

Improve on the classic Hot Buttered Rum with sherry and mulled cider.

Hot Buttered Rum

Rum , Classics Hot

In winter, Hot Buttered Rum always hits the spot.

Basil Hayden’s 8th Night Toddy

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Hot

This hot bourbon cocktail is perfect for Hanukkah—or any wintertime celebration.

Hornitos Tequila Toddy

Tequila , Hot

Swap out whiskey for tequila in this twist on the classic Hot Toddy.

Rusty Apple Toddy

Liqueurs , Hot

One sip of this hot apple-and-Drambuie cocktail will warm you to the core.

Apple Toddy

Bourbon / American Whiskey Brandy / Cognac , Hot

Childhood memories of apple cider with a little something extra to remind you why being an adult is OK, too.


Brandy / Cognac Rum Vodka , Classics Hot Punches

This warming Scandinavian tipple is just what you need during chilly winter months.

The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey , Classics Hot

We got famed New York bar The Dead Rabbit to share its recipe for delicious hot Irish Coffee.

Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey , Classics Hot

The secrets to making a great Irish Coffee are really so simple that they are often overlooked. This hot, creamy, classic Irish Coffee recipe from legendary bartender Dale DeGroff has all the right ingredients and will warm you to the bone.

Baileys Velvet Mocha

Liqueurs , Hot

Curl up in front of the fireplace with this mixture of hot chocolate and java.

Last-Minute Mulled Wine

Bourbon / American Whiskey Brandy / Cognac , Classics Hot Punches

When unexpected guests arrive at the door, there’s no easier party punch than Last-Minute Mulled Wine. Got a bottle of red wine lying around? Spike it with warm pantry spices like cinnamon and star anise, then amp up the flavor even further with a splash of bourbon or brandy. That’s how you capture the holidays in a mug.

VeeV Holiday Cider

Liqueurs , Hot

Give a warm glass of cider a festive upgrade.


Vodka , Classics Hot

Let this Scandinavian Glögg warm you to the core.

The Hornitos Hot Shotty

Tequila , Hot

Añejo tequila and spicy chili powder give a kick to this spiked hot chocolate.

Cocoa Loco

Rum , Hot

All the chocolate and rum craziness you can handle.

Horni Toddy

Tequila , Hot

Rich añejo tequila stands in for whiskey in this hot classic.

Eden’s Apple

Vodka , Hot Modern Classics

Homemade apple-cinnamon vodka makes this sweet concoction a perfect autumn elixir.

Autumn Wassail

Brandy / Cognac Rum , Classics Hot

A glass of this spiced-cider-and-cognac concoction is just the thing for a chilly or warm afternoon.

Zacapa Hot Toddy

Rum , Hot

If you’re feeling under-the-weather, this toasty beverage will perk you right up.

Milk & Honey

Liqueurs , Hot Modern Classics

This easy-to-make drink will take you to the Promised Land.

Heated Affair

Tequila , Hot

This hot tequila-and-cider concoction will warm you head to toe.


Brandy / Cognac , Hot

Say merci beaucoup to a glass of this warm wine-based drink.

Whisky Skin

Scotch , Classics Hot

If you're cold (or you have a cold), make this hot Scotch drink.

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