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Rosé Lady

Rose Lady cocktail
Image: / Tim Nusog

The classic Mimosa offers a lot to like, but beer drinkers may prefer the Beermosa, which pairs orange juice with beer rather than sparkling wine. There aren’t many rules when it comes to crafting a Beermosa, so bars and restaurants are experimenting with various beers and juices to make the most of this fun drink. The DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio, continues the trend.

An extension of the BrewDog brewery and bars, the DogHouse opened in 2018 as the world’s first beer hotel. Guests are treated to a welcome brew at check-in, they can partake in shower beers thanks to bathroom minifridges, and they can spend their afternoons sipping beer flights on the sun-drenched patio. There’s even a 6,000-square-foot interactive craft beer museum, which you naturally tour with a beer in hand. So, visiting the hotel is not a bad way to kill a few days in Ohio.

Each morning, the hallways are filled with the enticing aroma of beers brewing, which naturally makes one thirsty for a drink, regardless of what time it is. Fortunately, beer culture is alive and well at breakfast.

The continental breakfast spread features BrewDog’s various expressions. But to wash down the food, guests can also make DIY Beermosas like the Rosé Lady, which merges the brewery’s Doom and Bloom Hard Rosé Cider—made with dessert apples, rhubarb and strawberry—with cranberry juice and fresh orange juice. The simple beer cocktail is fruity, festive and helpful for kickstarting sluggish mornings.

“What better way to start the day or end a trip at The DogHouse?” asks general manager Hazel Macari. “It goes perfectly with all brunch items … especially chicken and waffles.”



  1. Add the cider into a pint glass.

  2. Top with the cranberry and orange juices and stir gently to combine.