Other Cocktails

Sure, there are plenty of cocktails made with the big known spirits. But there's a whole world of drinking with spirits that don't—but should—get as much attention. Check out some of the best drinks made with a variety of other spirits and start mixing.
Illustration of St Germain with cocktails surrounding the bottle
The 10 Best Cocktails to Make with St-Germain
Reverse Martini in a Nick & Nora, sherry-style glass, with dropped olive garnish on marble background
Reverse Martini
Bottle of Cynar amaro
7 Cocktails to Make with Cynar
Non-Alcoholic Spicy Margarita
18 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Make Year-Round
Garden Collins non alcoholic cocktail
Garden Collins
Yellow Chartreuse bottle
10 Cocktails to Make with Yellow Chartreuse
Slow Burn non alcoholic cocktail
Slow Burn
Lillet Blanc bottle
10 Cocktails to Make with Lillet Blanc
Ferrari shot
Buttery Nipple Shot
Buttery Nipple
Angostura Colada cocktail
Angostura Colada
White Tie Affair cocktail
White-Tie Affair
Noble One cocktail
The Noble One
Interstellar Love cocktail
Interstellar Love
Camparinha cocktail
Pina Verde cocktail with mint sprig garnish
Piña Verde
Heat Check cocktail
Heat Check
Absinthe Frappe cocktail garnished with mint sprig
Absinthe Frappé
Absinthe Suissesse cocktail
Absinthe Suissesse
Love & Murder Cocktail
Love & Murder
Global City # 2
Global City #2
Liquid Cocaine shot
Liquid Cocaine
Koji-San cocktail
Shochu Bloody Mary
Shochu Bloody Mary
Lovage in the Garden cocktail
Lovage in the Garden
An effervescent, sunny-yellow beverage called Radler cocktail in a pint glass, made by combining beer and lemonade in the cup.
ail in a stemmed wine glass overice, garnished with one lemon wheel and a sprig of mint.
Hugo Spritz
Rose Sangria
Rosé Sangria
White Sangria
White Sangria
White Port and Tonic
White Port & Tonic
Grasshopper 2.0 cocktail
Grasshopper 2.0
Cement Mixer shot
Cement Mixer
Slippery Nipple shot
Slippery Nipple
Wassail cocktail
Americano cocktail
Chef's Kiss cocktail
Chef’s Kiss
Toji Moon Cocktail
Tōji Moon
DOM Benedictine
DOM Benedictine
Abbey Toddy
Abbey Toddy
Amaretto Stone Sour cocktail
Amaretto Stone Sour
Anais Nin cocktail
Anaïs Nin
After Hours Tennis Club cocktail
After-Hours Tennis Club
Black and Tan
Black & Tan
Energy drink splashing out of a pint glass after a shot glass full of Jägermeister has been dropped into it.
Jäger Bomb
Rosemary Pomegranate Soda non alcoholic cocktail
9 Mocktails to Try Right Now
Averna Cobbler cocktail
4 Cobbler Twists to Try Right Now
Averna Cobbler cocktail
Averna Cobbler
Averna Limonata cocktail
Averna Limonata
Golden Dew cocktail
Golden Dew
A Day at the Crawfish Races cocktail
A Day at the (Crawfish) Races
Waterfront Cooler cocktail
Waterfront Cooler
Cointreau bottle illustration
What the #$@! Do I Do with This? Cointreau: What It Is and How to Use It.
Upper Cut cocktail
Upper Cut
Aperol bottle
What the #$@! Do I Do with This? Aperol: What It Is and How to Use It.
Kombucha Sangria
Kombucha Sangria
Galliano bottle
What the #$@! Do I Do with This? Galliano: What It Is and How to Use It.
An etched Collins glass containing a frothy orange-red cocktail, garnished with an orange wedge and set against a white subway-tiled background
Figgy Smalls cocktail
11 Essential Cocktails for Your September Parties
Bloody Roman cocktail in a pint glass, topped with two oysters, a green olive, serrano pepper and red chile threads
Bloody Roman
Miami Vice cocktail
11 Essential Cocktails for Your July Parties