End the day with the perfect tipple. From the Sazerac to the Brandy Alexander, these cocktail recipes mix up brandy, bourbon, cream liqueurs and other spirits to cap off your evening.
hot buttered rum batter in a sealed mason jar
Hot Buttered Rum Batter
hand holding the stem of an espresso martini cocktail
Espresso Martini
scotch and soda cocktail in a highball glass with ice
Scotch & Soda
Hot Toddy cocktail in a glass mug with lemon wheel and cloves
Hot Toddy
White Russian cocktail
White Russian
two eggnog cocktails with cinnamon sticks and nutmeg garnish
black russian cocktail in a crystal-cut rocks glass
Black Russian
tom and jerry cocktail in a white coffee mug
Tom & Jerry
Brandy Alexander cocktail
Brandy Alexander
boozy hot chocolate cocktail in a glass mug with mini marshmallows
Boozy Hot Chocolate
spiced rum milk punch with cinnamon sticks and nutmeg
Spiced Rum Milk Punch
French Connection cocktail served over ice in a crystal-cut rocks glass
French Connection
Mind Eraser cocktail in a rocks glass with a black-and-white-striped straw
Mind Eraser
Cadbury Creme Egg
A tall glass coffee mug rests on a wooden table. The mug hold dark black coffee with a thick layer of white foam dusted with nutmeg.
The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee
white Lavender Honey Cream cocktail in a coupe, garnished with a lavender sprig balanced on the rim
Lavender Honey Cream
Cranberry-Ginger Mimosa
Cranberry-Ginger Mimosa
two I Left My Heart in Jalisco cocktails, served in coffee mugs next to conversation hearts
I Left My Heart in Jalisco
A clear rocks glass filled with creamy Coquito and garnished with two cinnamon sticks
Taylor Precedent
Taylor Precedent
Uncle Angelo's Eggnog in a clear punch glass, topped with fresh nutmeg
Uncle Angelo’s Eggnog
Golden Cadillac cocktail in a coupe glass, garnished with chocolate shavings
Golden Cadillac
creamy yellow Trick Nog cocktail in ornate punch glass with cinnamon stick and orange peel garnishes, sitting in front of a pine tree
Trick Nog
Nose to Cocktail
The Nose to Cocktail
Emerald Isle of the Caribbean
Emerald Isle of the Caribbean
Autumn Wassail in a tall, thin toddy glass against a dark, slate-grey backdrop. A fan of three apple slices on a fancy skewer is the garnish.
Autumn Wassail
A clear glass mug filled just over halfway with a deep amber-colored hot cocktail
Whisky Skin
Hot Caramel Buttered Rum
Hot Caramel Buttered Rum
A handled, clear glass mug is branded with an emblem that reads “Highlands NYC Est. 2007.” The mug sits on a marble table and is filled with a pale golden drink. It’s garnished with a cinnamon stick and a clove-studded lemon wheel.
Tea & Sympathy
Everest cocktail
Rocky Manhattan
A clear glass mug with a tapered middle and a glass handle sits on a marble surface. It’s filled with a golden beverage and small chunks of apple, and is dusted with nutmeg.
Apple Toddy
Guinness Chocolate Float
Heated Affair cocktail with white frothy head in an Irish coffee mug, garnished with cinnamon stick and fresh nutmeg
Heated Affair
The Dead Rabbit Coffee Cocktail
The Dead Rabbit Coffee Cocktail
A tall, thin Irish Coffee mug rests on a dark gray marbled surface. The glass mug holds a pale gold drink with a thick layer of white foam, dusted with nutmeg, at the top.
Gaelic Flip
A faceted cocktail glass holds a vivid pink drink, and is garnished by a bright red strawberry half. The background is mottled gray.
Strawberries & Cream
Golden Dream cocktail
Golden Dream
A Martini glass rests on a wooden surface with a slatted wooden wall behind it. The glass is filled with a creamy beige Eggnog with thick white foam.
Pumpkin Nog
A dark-red Glögg cocktail in a stemless wine glass on a table with scattered almond slices and a bowl of dried fruit.
A port glass rests on a golden bar tray. The glass is filled with a dark brown drink with a fluffy white foam head, dusted with nutmeg.
Coffee Cocktail
A small, multi-faceted glass rests on a dark gray surface. The drink within is creamy and white, and the background is stark black, which creates a dramatic contrast.
Leche Mexicana (Mexican Milk)
Two tall glasses sit on a wooden surface, a blue and white speckled wall behind them. The glasses are filled to the brim with a creamy white drink and are dusted with nutmeg.
Brandy Milk Punch
Kirsch au Café
Kirsch au Café
peanut butter cup cocktail in stemmed glass on a round, red tray
Peanut Butter Cup
Rich Coffee cocktail with a white foamy head served in a short-stemmed glass
Rich Coffee
A tall, thin glass holds a frothy pale drink, its surface dotted with brightly colored round sprinkles. The drink has two black bar straws and rests on a wooden table.
Italian Cookie