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Batch Cocktails

Punch bowls are great. But jugs with a spigot are easy to use and will do a better job at keeping large-batch cocktails cool. Keep the recipe simple! That means combining one part Sobieski 100% pure rye vodka with equal parts of two different mixers.

bring sharpies

That way everyone can label (and personalize) their cups. If you invite friends who don’t know everyone, the cups double as name tags.

Crowdsource the playlist

Create a public playlist on Spotify and share it with your guests before the party. Tell everyone to add five songs and put the playlist on shuffle when the party starts.

Make Fun-Size Candy-style Cocktails

Give your guests a boozy treat by making drinks inspired by classic Halloween candies. An Almond Joy cocktail can be as simple as Sobieski 100% pure rye vodka, coconut water and Marie Brizard chocolate royal liqueur. You can go with Skittles- or Starburst-inspired drinks by mixing the Polish vodka with different juices to match the flavors. You can also get the fruity flavor from Marie Brizard watermelon, Jolie cherry or raspberry liqueur.


Energy Drink Recipe

Make some smoky cocktails

There’s always someone barbecuing at Labor Day parties. Why not also enjoy some smoky drinks? Add a couple dashes of smoky bitters or place your glass over charred rosemary or cedarwood before pouring in the ingredients. If you happen to have a smoker, you can put in a bottle of Sobieski 100% pure rye and proceed to make smoky Martinis. No new recipe is required—just make it with the smoked Sobieski.

keep the drinks light on thanksgiving

Bloody Marys are great and all, but you don’t want to spoil your appetite with heavy, savory cocktails. Keep it simple by mixing Sobieski 100% pure rye vodka with your favorite (non-tomato) mixer. Cranberry juice would be appropriate on Thanksgiving, but you can’t go wrong with tonic water or ginger beer.

Flavor your own vodka

Skip the peppermint schnapps and infuse Sobieski vodka with candy canes. After a few hours, you can use it as the base for a delicious and Christmasy Martini or White Russian.

Make a vodka spritz

A lot of people have the same realization every year on New Year’s Eve: They really don’t like Champagne. Those people deserve something fizzy and festive too. Make a December Spritz by mixing 100% pure rye vodka and soda water and top with prosecco. You can also add Marie Brizard Parfait Amour, blackberry liqueur or watermelon liqueur, stir and serve over ice.